Solve Secondary Storage Problems With Cohesity’s Hyperconverged Platform

ActualTech Media’s final megacast of the year, which focused on Enterprise Storage, hosted six of the leading enterprise storage vendors, including Cohesity, a startup that offers a platform for data consolidation. Cohesity’s mission is to redefine secondary storage – all of the data storage components that aren’t mission critical, like archives, file shares, backups, analytics along with test and dev. Cohesity’s solution effectively consolidates all secondary storage workloads into a single hyperconverged data platform that comes in the form of a hardware and software appliance.
In his presentation Cohesity’s Greg Statton explained that the biggest problem that Cohesity saw in secondary storage is that it’s incredibly fragmented, and therefore very inefficient. What’s more, most organizations don’t have much visibility into their secondary storage even though it may account for the majority of their storage demands. Simply put, traditional secondary storage sits in complex, inefficient, costly silos. And that’s what the company aims to solve.
Cohesity’s solution allows organizations to collapse all of their secondary storage workloads into a single, scalable hyperconverged platform, enabling better efficiency, increased control, simplified management, and most importantly, cost savings.
Cohesity Storage
Statton notes that Cohesity can be utilized as a scale-out target storage appliance that can grow as organizations’ needs grow, so there’s no need for a big capital investment to get started with the technology. Cohesity can be integrated with other backup providers, but it does include an integrated data protection software. And analytics can be run right on the data that is being backed up, eliminating the need for an additional copy of that data for analytics. The newest addition to Cohesity’s list of capabilities includes software that can run in the cloud, allowing organizations to replicate on-prem workloads into the cloud, archive workloads to the cloud and more, according to Statton.
In the video Statton explains in detail how Cohesity handles test and dev environments, analytics, data protection, file shares and more. Get more information about Cohesity’s hyperconverged storage platform at