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Just Released! Free eBook From Nutanix & Scott D. Lowe

I’m incredibly proud to announce the availability of the Software-Defined Storage for Dummies eBook, now available for free download.

Developed in partnership with Nutanix, a leading player in the software-defined space, this book showcases the possibilities of a software-led world in which powerful software replaces proprietary hardware services as a key driver of data center and IT efficiency.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How a new era of storage solutions will help your infrastructure become more flexible, powerful, and easy to manage
  • The emerging technologies that make software-defined storage a game-changer in the datacenter
  • 10 key software-defined storage facts that all IT experts need to know

You don’t need an MBA or a PhD in storage to understand the concepts presented in this book. Regardless of your background, you simply need to have an open mind about the new software-led systems that are coming to data centers. (Kids these days and their crazy ideas!)

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