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Ordr Helps You Get Control of Your Connected Devices

Connected devices, including traditional IT, Internet of Things (IoT), and Operational Technologies (OT), are proliferating at a mind-boggling rate. That can be useful, but it also comes with significant risk: many of these devices are essentially invisible on your network. That means you don’t know what they’re doing, how well they’re operating, and most ominously, how they could be opening you up to threats.

Ordr helps you secure these connected devices from cyberattacks. And on this “Spotlight Series” episode, Jamison Utter, senior director of product & solution evangelism for Ordr, talks with ActualTech Media Partner David Davis about the importance of visibility.

Ordr uses an agentless approach to identify devices, discover potential vulnerabilities, create behavior baselines to help find anomalies, and automate policies to secure them. If you have IT, IoT or OT devices in your network, this is a product you need to take a look at.

Click on the video above to watch the entire interview.