Getting Started with Cloud Daddy for AWS Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Anyone who is using Amazon Web Services needs a secure backup and disaster recovery solution to protect your mission critical applications and data. Up until this point that’s been tough to do with the tools that are included with AWS. Thankfully a new solution was recently released launched! Cloud Daddy provides AWS cloud-native secure backup, restore and disaster recovery for your AWS infrastructure, utilizing native Amazon APIs and best practices. Cloud Daddy integrates cybersecurity countermeasures such as AWS WAF, instance firewalls, rules, templates and security groups to protect your AWS backups and disaster recovery.
In this new getting started video, I walk you through:

  • What Cloud Daddy is and the features that it provides
  • How to deploy the Cloud Daddy 14 day fully-functioning trial on AWS, step by step
  • How to test backup and recovery using Cloud Daddy
  • How the CloudDaddy interface provides a single-pane-of-glass for data protection, AWS instance management, and AWS security
  • Plus, a sneak peek at the latest release of Cloud Daddy that provides integrated disaster recovery for AWS

Download the free trial of Cloud Daddy here!