Get The Best Of Cloud And On-Prem Storage With ClearSky Global Storage Network

Six of the leading enterprise storage vendors were invited to present at ActualTech Media’s final megacast of 2016, one of which was ClearSky Data, a startup with a unique solution that aims to combine the best of on-premises storage with all of the benefits of the cloud. ClearSky built a network that functions like on-prem primary storage, but it’s in fact a fully managed Storage as a Service cloud solution.
In his presentation, ClearSky’s Marc Keating explained that the ClearSky Global Storage Network is built on private Ethernet lines so nothing runs over the public internet. What’s more, ClearSky handles the entire data lifecycle, from backup to recovery, all wrapped into a service level agreement. ClearSky customers are able to benefit from a pay as you go model and on-demand scalability that cloud services can offer along with the biggest advantages of on-prem storage, like high-performance, reliability and security.
ClearSky Data
Keating notes that one of the key value propositions that ClearSky makes is that Global Storage Network customers can access their data with different types of compute in different locations – without having to pay for additional copies of data. What this also means is that customers no longer have to make an upfront investment in storage hardware; instead, they pay for only the storage they use and they can scale-up on-demand. And even though data isn’t stored locally, performance is not compromised because of the robust network ClearSky has built. Lastly, the fully managed service is backed by a 99.999% SLA with 24×7 customer service.
Network bandwidth is handled by ClearSky, so it can automatically scale as necessary; what’s more, ClearSky installs and maintains private Ethernet lines as part of the service. From a security standpoint, nothing runs over the public internet and all data is fully encrypted at rest and in flight with keys only in the hands of the customers, according to Keating.
In the video presentation Keating explains and demonstrates how the ClearSky Global Storage Network works, how it is managed and the benefits that customers can obtain from using the service. You can get more information about ClearSky’s unique Storage as a Service solution at