Introducing Free Vendor-Neutral Hyperconverged Infrastructure Professional Training & Certificate

It’s no secret that hyperconvergence is the next wave of innovation and efficiency in the modern data center, following virtualization. Yet the concept is still fairly new to many in the IT world. The opportunities and benefits that hyperconverged infrastructure offers are still waiting to be uncovered by many IT professionals and organizations.
Our annual state of hyperconvergence survey has revealed that hyperconvergence technology adoption in companies of all sizes has been rapidly increasing each year. We’ve also seen firsthand how knowledge and experience with hyperconverged infrastructure can help IT professionals advance their careers. It can also help organizations become more efficient and agile, enable automation, centralize management and lower overall hardware costs.
However, until now, there hasn’t been an easy way for IT pros to learn about hypercoonverged infrastructure that wasn’t tied to specific vendors and technologies. This changes today.

New Hyperconverged Infrastructure Professional Training! was created as an educational resource for IT professionals and leaders interested in learning about hyperconvergence. Our brand new vendor-neutral Hyperconverged Infrastructure Professional video training course and the associated exam and certificate are the next important step in helping IT pros get a handle on hyperconverged infrastructure benefits, architecture, implementation and much more.
The course is ideal for IT pros who work with servers and storage at the admin level, but it’s also targeted at IT managers, directors, consultants and even CIOs who are interested in understanding how hyperconverged infrastructure can become a game changer for their organizations. This video training series is also appropriate for enterprise IT sales professionals who want to know how hyperconvergence works and how it can help their customers.
To successfully complete this training series you must have a good understanding of servers and storage and how they function in the data center. It’s also recommended that you have basic knowledge of networking and how it connects servers and storage in the data center. Finally, you’ll need to know that server virtualization is the basic concept of how a hypervisor runs on top of servers to run virtual machines and how those VMs are stored on shared storage. If you’re lacking the virtualization basics, you’ll want to start with my Introduction to Virtualization training course from Pluralsight. This 2.5 hour beginner level course can be accessed for free through Pluralsight’s free trial program.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Training & Exam Overview

The video course is divided into 7 modules, each covering a different aspect of hyperconvergence. As you watch the videos, you’ll also notice additional resources and guides to help you learn even more on the topic of hyperconvergence. The course concludes with a course review, a final exam and helpful next steps that will guide IT pros on where to find additional learning resources and utilize their new knowledge.

  • In the first module, you’ll learn more about the course itself and how you will benefit from completing it. Most importantly, you’ll learn why you need to complete this course and what you’ll get to earn once you watch all of the video modules and take the exam.
  • The second module focuses the data center journey, covering the traditional data center infrastructure, how it was designed and how server virtualization became a game changer. This video also includes information on converged infrastructure and other technologies that are driving change in the modern data centers and how today’s organizations have to find ways to do more with less.
  • In the next video we’ll dive into hyperconvergence basics and benefits so you’ll know exactly what hyperconverged infrastructure is, how it works, and what challenges it can help solve for IT pros and organizations.
  • Video four centers on hyperconverged infrastructure architecture so you’ll know how the servers, storage, networking, virtualization and management all work together to make a hyperconverged solution possible.
  • In module five we discuss how you can implement a hyperconverged solution in your own data center. The video starts off with how to select the right solution for your organization’s needs as well as how to handle the migration and how this implementation would impact your organization.
  • Video six covers the operations impact of hyperconvergence for IT admins who are used to managing physical and virtual servers on shared storage. You’ll get to see the specific benefits IT admins will get with this technology.
  • Finally, module seven covers the business benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure, including cloud economics, increased efficiency, improved agility and reduced risk.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Professional Certification Logo-Each of the seven modules is followed by a short quiz so you can make sure that you understood all of the concepts and are ready to move on to the next module. The video series concludes with a final overview and the Hyperconverged Infrastructure Professional exam. The content of the exam is based on what you learned in the videos and what you were asked in the quizzes. When you pass the 40 question online exam, you will achieve a printable certificate from, including an electronic badge you can display and share with others and promote your hyperconverged knowledge.
The best thing about our new vendor-neutral training series is that it’s absolutely free and available online, so you can learn at your leisure. So what are you waiting for? Start learning about hyperconverged infrastructure today and see how it can be a game changer for your career.

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