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Datadobi Migrates Your On- and Off-Premises Data Quickly and Securely

Sure, you can use a free, vendor-supplied utility to upload data from your on-premises environment to the cloud. But should you? That’s a question you can answer with a hearty “you betcha!” if you’re using Datadobi.

That’s because Datadobi has a “maniacal focus on data integrity,” Steve Leeper, VP of Product Marketing, told ActualTech Media Partner and CEO Scott Lowe in this “Spotlight Series” video. That means the data you migrate will arrive at its final destination intact and correct.

“It’s one thing to copy the data, but you really want to verify it. There’s a lot of “fire and forget it” out there,” Leeper said. In addition, these lower-level tools typically don’t scale well. For those and other reasons, you should consider Datadobi the next time you need to migrate your data off-premises.

Click on the video above to watch the whole interview.