CloudFix Provides Real Cloud AWS Savings—Right Now

Lots of  vendors tell you they’ll save you money when using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Often, though, the reality is that those promised savings never materializes. CloudFix, on the other hand, makes it their mission to help you save money on your cloud operations, but not at some future date. They say the savings will start immediately.

That’s the promise made by CloudFix CEO Rahul Subramaniam, who talks about how they do it with ActualTech Media CEO/Partner Scott Lowe on this edition of Spotlight Series. Cloud charges are notoriously hard to estimate, and cloud savings just as hard to pinpoint, which is why you need to look at any promised pie-in-the-sky savings with a skeptical eye.

Subramaniam says that CloudFix, by contrast, saves you 10%-20% on your AWS bills right away. “And that itself is incredible value,” he explains, because you don’t have to wait for it. As Lowe says, “With CloudFix, you’re going to keep it real.”

Click on the video above to watch the entire interview.