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Atlantis Updates ILIO for VMware VSAN

Atlantis Computing has launched its next iteration of their ILIO suite for VMware VSAN. This is an interesting product that I have had a chance to discuss with the creators when at Virtualization Field Day 3 along with our very own Scott Lowe and David Davis.

In-Memory + VSAN = Win

The Atlantis ILIO in-memory storage management, with its ability to aggregate disparate storage back-ends, provides a very interesting technical marriage of underlying storage architectures. VSAN already has an enticing VDI use-case, but with the added acceleration promised by the Atlantis ILIO offering,
Feature lists like more capacity, accelerated performance, and creating policy-based management capability, make this a product to watch. I know that I will be keeping an eye on it.

Read the full press release here at the Atlantis Computing site and you can view this great video on the Atlantis ILIO product line from Virtualization Field Day which is a great primer on the tools.