RoadCast, VMworld 2018

Apstra Says It Offers the 'Next Evolution' in Software-Defined Networking

“Intent-based networking.” It’s a new way of thinking about networking, according to Apstra, which provides data center networking automation. Michael Wood, CMO & VP of Apstra, discussed the concept with ActualTech Media CEO Scott Lowe in this RoadCast video shot at VMworld 2018.

Wood says that the technology took Apstra more than 10 years to develop. That’s a lot of R&D! Apstra is a distributed system architecture with a vendor-agnostic overlay for APIs/CLIs; that means it’s hardware-agnostic, working with nearly any switch vendor, whether it’s a name-brand appliance or cheaper whitebox offering. The idea is to tell the network how you want things to run, and then let Apstra do its thing and figure out the hard stuff.

Take a look at the video and find out why Apstra says it provides the “next evolution of software-defined networking,” and its customers are seeing up to an 80% reduction in operational expenses (OpEx).