079 – Joe’s Cat Pictures Shouldn’t Be on Primary Storage

If you’re like most companies, you’re leaving the wrong data on the wrong storage. Data that isn’t touched often—like Joe’s cat pictures—doesn’t need to be stored on expensive primary storage. But moving that data to much less costly secondary storage is a huge challenge: for both admins who have to move it, and end users who face confusing interfaces.

Answering that challenge with a brand-new product is the focus of this episode of “10 on Tech,” featuring Spectra Logic’s David Feller, VP of Product Management and Solutions Engineering. He provides an overview of Spectra Logic’s StorCycle storage management software to ActualTech Media Partner James Green.

Feller breaks down how StorCycle automatically identifies inactive data that takes up valuable space on primary storage, and moves it to a cheaper level called the Perpetual Storage Tier, keeping it accessible to users all the while. It’s an episode you won’t want to miss.

Highlights of the show include:

  • The explosive growth of data, that shows no signs of slowing
  • The extreme expense of primary storage, and why it’s too valuable for all a company’s data to reside on
  • How to determine when data should be moved from tier to tier
  • The importance of ensuring a good user experience when accessing secondary storage
  • The potential cost savings of adding a Perpetual Storage Tier to your infrastructure

Resource links from the show:

 Spectra Logic homepage — https://spectralogic.com/

Spectra StorCycle (including video) — https://spectralogic.com/products/storcycle/

The Perpetual Storage Tier — https://spectralogic.com/products/storcycle/perpetual-storage-tier/

Spectra Logic video resources — https://spectralogic.com/products/storcycle/resources/#videos

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