065 – Backing Up Your Software-as-a-Service

When you’re using Office 365, do you believe that Microsoft is taking care of the backups of that crucial information? If so, you’re living under a dangerous delusion.

That’s because Microsoft takes care of its own infrastructure. When it comes to your data sitting on their infrastructure, you’re mostly on your own. Your email, your data in SharePoint or Microsoft Teams or other Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings may be at risk.

So how do you protect those assets? That’s the subject of this episode of “10 on Tech.” ActualTech Media Partner James Green interviews Dave LeClair, Sr. Director, Product Management at Continuum, about the importance of properly protecting that precious data.

Highlights of the show include:

  • Why the things you think are being backed up probably aren’t
  • The range of things that need to be backed up vs. what actually is backed up
  • What types of data Office 365 doesn’t back up
  • The importance of streamlining the SaaS backup management process
  • What Continuum does, and how it works
  • Details on the upcoming Continuum user conference

Resource links from the show:

Continuum — https://www.continuum.net/

Keepit (Continuum partner) — https://www.keepit.com/

Continuum Navigate conference — https://www.continuum.net/navigate/north-america

Continuum demos and trials — https://www.continuum.net/platform/solutions/get-started

Continuum platform overview — https://www.continuum.net/platform

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