043 – Getting Fox Sports Connected

There’s no doubt that computing is moving rapidly to the edge – this is the idea behind the Internet of Things, as well as increasing use of mobile and branch networks. One area you may not have thought of is the infrastructure necessary to run a live sports show.

SD-WAN vendor Cradlepoint provides that infrastructure for Fox Sports. Cradlepoint CMO Todd Krautkremer discusses how his company does it, and the benefits of automated SD-WAN, in this episode of “10 on Tech” with ActualTech Media Partner James Green.

Highlights of the show include:

  • Defining SD-WAN; how it’s not a protocol, but instead an architectural shift
  • Why the new networking paradigm is about defining outcomes, rather than dealing with the complexity of the underneath plumbing
  • How Cradlepoint helped Fox Sports develop their “bring your own network” strategy, so they can control their infrastructure wherever they go
  • The ways in which 5G networking is changing the game

Resource links from the show:

Cradlepoint — https://cradlepoint.com/

Fox Sports — https://www.foxsports.com/

A pathway to 5G — https://cradlepoint.com/pathway-5g

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