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  1. Implementing a Full-Spectrum Internet of Things Environment

    The datacenter as we know it is fracturing. What was once a single entity inside four walls now spans the cloud, our own datacenters, and the edge. As organizations transition from private datacenters to full-spectrum hybrid and multi-cloud entities, IT organizations are struggling to manage, rein in, and protect a tsunami of data. To top it off, companies are also adopting more devices than ever… Learn More

  2. Preventing Cyberattacks Before They Happen

    $7.6 million.  The average cost of a data breach. 196 days.  The average number of days it takes to identify a breach. Yikes!  It’s no wonder that security and breach-prevention is top-of-mind for the C-suite! The unfortunate reality is that the devices that your staff rely on day in and day out are one of the most common entry points for cyber-attackers, which is why they must be pr… Learn More

  3. The Role of Hyperconvergence in Retail Environments

    With 41% of consumers worldwide reporting that they use two or more channels during their purchase process, 90% of retailers are already implementing or planning to invest in omnichannel.  Most retailers recognize the importance of providing a seamless consumer experience, but many organizations are struggling to define their path to success. To achieve omnichannel success, retailers need to m… Learn More

  4. Levers of Human Deception: The Science and Methodology Behind Social Engineering

    No matter how much security technology we purchase and chuck into the data center, we still face the most fundamental of security problems, which is the hardest to overcome: people.  People are susceptible every day to charismatic tricksters seeking to separate organizations from their data and their money. This webinar will explore the different levers that social engineers a… Learn More

  5. You’re PCI Compliant. But Are You Secure?

    According to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach & Incident Report, there were 2236 confirmed breaches in 2017. In many instances, these organizations passed their PCI audits prior to the discovery of the breach.  But PCI audits are just one part of an overall PCI security strategy. Too often, organizations fall back to a "checkbox-based" compliance mentality that relies on prescriptive, outdated tec… Learn More

  6. The Security-First Approach to the Modern Datacenter

    More than three-quarters of organizations have been victims of one or more successful cyber attacks. What about your business? Will you be next? The infrastructure you choose impacts your ability to protect your business from cyber threats. When looking to modernize your datacenter, it's important to not only consider removing complexity, increasing efficiency, enabling cloud use cases, and cut… Learn More

  7. Future Proof Your Data Protection

    The future of data protection is scalable, efficient, affordable, and easy to use. Unfortunately, most IT organizations are still using an aging data protection solution. These solutions are becoming unreliable, are slow to backup, recovery and protect your data and come with large annual contracts. What most IT organizations don't know, is that data protection of the future is available today!… Learn More

  8. What Most Computer Security Defenses are Doing Wrong, and How To Fix It

    Most companies have huge gaps in their computer security defenses, and can be compromised at will by a determined hacker. The industry even has a term for it: “Assume Breach”. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Join Roger A. Grimes, a 30-year computer security consultant and author of 10 books, for this on-demand webinar where he explores the latest research on what’s wrong with cur… Learn More

  9. Public Cloud Doesn’t Make You Do Backups – Why Does Your Private Cloud?

    In the public cloud, data protection is automated so IT professionals can focus more on applications that drive the business. It’s time your own data center worked the same way.  It’s time for a self-protecting enterprise cloud that can turn your IT department into a value driver for digital transformation. Join us to get all your Public and Private Cloud questions answered! Learn More

  10. Bringing File Services to the Hyperconverged Enterprise Cloud

    The unstructured data problem is real. Some organizations have file servers strewn about to try to capture it all while others use file services provided on storage arrays.  According to some estimates, 80% of unstructured data will be stored on distributed file and object storage within the next two years.  As organizations continue to ingest vast quantities of data, old methods break down. Wha… Learn More

  11. Implementing HCI-centric Database-as-a-Service for Cloud-Like Agility

    A growing number of organizations are turning to Docker containers to help solve really big application requirements.  Among the biggest out there are those imposed by Oracle.  What if you could deploy Oracle as a stateless cloud-native workload in your environment?  Transform a complex process into one with an App Store-like experience. Innovative enterprises are graduating to the next step… Learn More

  12. The Quantum Computing Break is Coming. Will You Be Ready?

    Quantum computing is a game-changer and will have a huge impact on the way we do business, safeguard data, explore space, and even predict weather events. Yet, some experts say in the not so distant future quantum computers will break existing public key cryptography forever. On that digital day of reckoning, every stored secret protected by traditional public key crypto will be broken forever;… Learn More

  13. 12 Ways Hackers are Defeating Two-Factor Authentication & How To Protect Your Environment

    Everyone knows that two-factor authentication (2FA) is more secure than a simple login name and password, but too many people think that 2FA is a perfect, unhackable solution. It isn't! Join Roger A. Grimes, KnowBe4's Data-Driven Defense Evangelist, and security expert with over 30-years experience, for this webinar where he will explore 12 ways hackers can and do get around your favorite 2FA s… Learn More

  14. Solving VMware Backup Challenges with the Cloud

    Protecting your VMware environment, including VMWare cloud on AWS (VMC), can be complex and challenging. Administrative complexity and the lack of visibility and control of data across your data center and remote sites puts your data at risk. If your company suffers a disaster or needs to recover a critical file and the data isn't there, you might be looking for a new job. Join us on this webin… Learn More

  15. Crafting a Data Orchestration Platform for Modern Workloads

    As organizations' use of Hadoop and NoSQL technologies continues to explode, it’s increasingly important to ensure that these workloads are protected to the same degree as other mission critical applications.  Unfortunately, this is often not the case as legacy data protection tools often fail in the face of these modern applications. In this can’t-miss event, you’ll discover how Imanis… Learn More

  16. Q&A Webinar: Creating Secure Hybrid Clouds & Simplifying Compliance

    Are you thinking about hybrid cloud? Don't forget to address security! During this live Q&A-style webinar on August 16th, you'll learn how to secure and support your most business-critical applications in a hybrid cloud environment. Along with ActualTech Media's David M. Davis, hyperconverged infrastructure leader Pivot3 and data security and compliance leader HyTrust will be answering pre-subm… Learn More

  17. Reducing Your Attack Surface & Marginalizing Security Breaches

    To reduce your attack surface is to decrease your exposure, limit the adversary’s mobility and minimize the potential success of a breach. However, to do that requires knowledge of your high-value assets, how to identify vulnerabilities, how to prioritize patching, and how to ring-fence your digital “crown jewels.” On this webinar, we will discuss how to effectively and efficiently reduce… Learn More

  18. Reigning in Cloud Cost Chaos

    Day 0: You’ve just finished migrating applications to the cloud and breathe a sign of relief. Day 1: You turn on the service and everything works. Day 2: You get the first invoice and about fall out of your chair. The unfortunate truth is that monitoring and managing cloud pricing and costs is beyond a full-time job. Many application and technology budget owners are stunned when their cloud… Learn More

  19. Micro-Segmentation 101

    Companies of all sizes are struggling to ensure that their network is truly secure and using aging firewall security systems to do it. What many don’t yet know is that micro-segmentation, when implemented the right way, can give them the security that they need and provide tremendous network visibility in the process. To learn what micro-segmentation is, how it works, and how to implement it,… Learn More

  20. New for VMware vSphere! VM Backup Essentials (vBE) from Unitrends

    As VMware Admins scan the market for backup solutions, they’re faced with a barrage of offerings that add complexity and cost. However many VMware admins only need a virtualization backup solution that is easy to use and has enterprise-grade features but is priced for the SMB and remote / edge use cases. What's the answer? The NEW VM Backup Essentials (vBE) from Unitrends provides the solutio… Learn More