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  1. Analyzing Your VMware Data Center with the Power of SaaS-based Analytics

    Last week I was able to schedule a briefing with my friend Irfan Ahmad. Irfan is co-founder and CTO of CloudPhysics, which is what we discussed during my briefing. If you haven’t heard of CloudPhysics, perhaps you’re familiar with some other major projects that Irfan has led like development of VMware’s DRS. He’s also got an all-star team of people who know their way around virtualization… Read More

  2. Changing Face of Virtualization in the Data Center

    It seems like a lifetime ago – and in IT years, it was – that IT admins were wary of virtualization and skeptical of the benefits that it was promised to bring. Today, virtualization dominates the data center and it looks like everything has changed. But it really hasn’t. Physically, comparing a data center from 2000 with one from today won’t yield much in the way of differences. There… Learn More

  3. The Next Evolution of Data-Aware Storage

    I recently had the opportunity to be briefed on DataGravity's freshly released Version 2.2 update. It comes with a number of really interesting features to extend the already impressive capabilities of the Discovery Series arrays. Of note in this release: Hyper-V support, file fingerprinting, user activity alerting, some new tags included by default, and various other improvements. Of these addi… Read More

  4. The Forgotten Data Protection of SaaS: Backup for Office 365 and Google Apps

    I recently interviewed Gina Minks (@gminks), Product Marketing Manager at Spanning (and EMC company). Most people think that when they use applications in "the cloud", that their data is "automagically" protected by the cloud provider. Consumers (and IT Pro's) assume that Software as a Service (SaaS) applications have  data protection (and even security) built-in, which, unfortunately, it's alw… Read More

  5. ZeroStack - Attacking the Datacenter Problem From All Directions

    In case you don’t know, I’m a big fan of hyperconvergence. It may be one of the hottest and most innovative areas in enterprise technology today. What makes it even more exciting is that there are many hyperconvergence solutions out there (more than I can count on all my fingers). Just when I think that I’ve heard about all of them, I find a few more! Just before launching out of stealth… Read More

  6. Beyond Virtualization: VMworld 2015 Was Not Your Typical Tradeshow

    As the U.S. VMworld 2015 recedes into our rear view mirror and we gear up for Barcelona next month, you might be wondering if a large trade show like this is worth attending. After my experience in San Francisco earlier this month, my answer with a resounding yes, and here’s why... VMware proved it’s still relevant, still leading innovation With major players like Amazon, Azure, Google… Read More

  7. Announcing the Gorilla Guide Book Series by Actualtech media!

    It's a big day at ActualTech Media: We're incredibly proud to announce the launch of our brand new technology guide series: "The Gorilla Guide™"! Additionally, the very first Gorilla Guide is now available for instant download from our site. The Gorilla Guide to Hyperconverged Infrastructure Implementation Strategies This Gorilla Guide covers the "next steps" when it c… Read More

  8. Introducing the ActualTech Media 'Data Center Innovations' Series

    Savvy enterprise technologists know that they need to stay abreast of the latest and most innovative technology solutions coming to the data center. Unfortunately, the enterprise technology landscape is a shifting and confusing one. Technologists have real challenges and need real solutions, but understanding the available options and finding the best solution are tough tasks. This is particularly… Read More

  9. Six (or more) Degrees of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    There seems to be a lot of arguments around what is and isn’t hyperconverged, with vendor after vendor saying things like, “Oh, vendor X isn’t really hyperconverged because they don’t do X, Y, and Z, but, of course, we are... Read More

  10. Make IT Relevant By Managing Technical Debt

    IT departments are wallowing in debt… technical debt. Just like those that have racked up massive credit card bills, technical debt can be debilitating and results in an IT function that struggles to maintain its relevance in the organization. Read More

  11. CIOs Need to Prepare Staff for Cloud Services

    If your organization is just dipping its toes into the cloud paradigm, the impact on your staff will be relatively minimal, but they will still be affected. Your staff will need to learn the ins and outs of managing the transferred services and will need to gain an understanding for how the selected cloud provider manages security and availability to ensure that the service availability meets orga… Read More

  12. How the Cloud is Changing IT

    Virtualization is just one major trend impacting IT. It’s tough to deny that the cloud has also affected IT. Consider this: Business units and IT departments can acquire services simply by using a credit card. Read More

  13. The Cloud, Hosted, or On-premises: The Many Options for the SMB CIO

    Over the past decade, the issue of whether to run on-premises workloads on physical hardware vs. virtual infrastructure has become pretty easy for organizations to assess, with the majority of new workloads being run inside virtual machines. That said, there are still a good number of applications deployed on physical hardware. Read More

  14. The CIO and the Cloud: Embrace, Extend, Innovate

    The word “cloud” became a hot addition to the popular lexicon a few years ago and quickly took on eye-rolling status as vendors tripped over themselves to include the new term in all of their marketing collateral. Read More

  15. The 80/20 Rule Is Dead; Long Live the 80/20 Rule

    If you’ve worked in IT for any length of time at all, you’ve probably heard of the 80/20 rule. Also known as the Pareto Principle, this rule states that 80% of the IT budget an IT’s efforts go to simply keeping the lights on while only 20% is dedicated to innovation and propelling the business forward. Read More

  16. Four Activities Every CIO Should Embrace

    Good CIOs are far more than just good technical people or good business people. Good CIOs also need to be good leaders. In this article, I describe four activities that CIOs should embrace. Read More

  17. A Flash Storage Technical and Economic Primer

    Flash memory is a type of non-volatile memory storage, which can be electrically erased and programmed. What was the event that precipitated the introduction of this new storage medium? Read More

  18. An Introduction to Hybrid Storage Arrays

    Hybrid storage arrays leverage a combination of spinning disk and flash disks to create systems that feature many of the performance benefits of flash coupled with the capacity benefits inherent in disk-based systems. Read More

  19. Isn’t Linear Scaling Wasteful?

    In conversations with my customers surrounding hyperconvergence, some of the sharper folks will ask an important question about the hyperconvergence model. Read More

  20. How Complexity is Killing Efficiency In Your Data Center

    When it comes to operating a data center - be it a private cloud infrastructure for a global enterprise or a small server closet in an SMB - there are a few things that are always true. One of these constant truths is that the leaner the operation can be without compromising SLAs, the better. Read More