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  1. The CIO and the Cloud: Embrace, Extend, Innovate

    The word “cloud” became a hot addition to the popular lexicon a few years ago and quickly took on eye-rolling status as vendors tripped over themselves to include the new term in all of their marketing collateral. Read More

  2. The 80/20 Rule Is Dead; Long Live the 80/20 Rule

    If you’ve worked in IT for any length of time at all, you’ve probably heard of the 80/20 rule. Also known as the Pareto Principle, this rule states that 80% of the IT budget an IT’s efforts go to simply keeping the lights on while only 20% is dedicated to innovation and propelling the business forward. Read More

  3. Four Activities Every CIO Should Embrace

    Good CIOs are far more than just good technical people or good business people. Good CIOs also need to be good leaders. In this article, I describe four activities that CIOs should embrace. Read More

  4. A Flash Storage Technical and Economic Primer

    Flash memory is a type of non-volatile memory storage, which can be electrically erased and programmed. What was the event that precipitated the introduction of this new storage medium? Read More

  5. An Introduction to Hybrid Storage Arrays

    Hybrid storage arrays leverage a combination of spinning disk and flash disks to create systems that feature many of the performance benefits of flash coupled with the capacity benefits inherent in disk-based systems. Read More

  6. Isn’t Linear Scaling Wasteful?

    In conversations with my customers surrounding hyperconvergence, some of the sharper folks will ask an important question about the hyperconvergence model. Read More

  7. How Complexity is Killing Efficiency In Your Data Center

    When it comes to operating a data center - be it a private cloud infrastructure for a global enterprise or a small server closet in an SMB - there are a few things that are always true. One of these constant truths is that the leaner the operation can be without compromising SLAs, the better. Read More