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  1. Solution Spotlight: Cloud Migration And Mobility In Minutes With Velostrata

    Fast. Simple. Easy. These are not the things that come to mind when you think of cloud migration and cloud mobility, but one startup is shaking things up to make it a reality, albeit with some limitations. There’s no denying the intrinsic benefits of a hybrid cloud model. Flexibility, agility, scale, not to mention cost savings and a wide variety of use cases that are ideal for a cloud setup th… Read More

  2. Ransomware EcoCast

    Lurking beneath the sea of your users’ email inbox is one of today’s most nefarious security threats. A single click of a mouse can turn an innocent looking email message into an existential threat for your business. That threat – ransomware – effectively locks away all of your files behind an encryption wall via which the malware deliverer attempts to extort your company in order to be p… Learn More

    • Data Protection
  3. 005 - VMworld Tips with David Davis

    David M. Davis, Partner at ActualTech Media co-hosts the show with James Green to discuss tips for attending VMworld. The event is coming up in a few weeks, to be held in Las Vegas due to construction at the usual venue. Tips are discussed for first-timers and veterans alike. Listen Now

  4. Enterprise Storage EcoCast

    Many companies hate their storage. In the past decade, storage has become the Achilles’ Heel for so many enterprise applications. Moreover, it’s expensive, constantly requires capacity expansion, and requires expensive staff to keep it operational. Worse, it probably gets conveniently “end-of-life-d” at exactly the wrong time, forcing you in to costly upgrades. Today, there are dozens o… Learn More

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    • Storage
  5. 7 Hybrid Cloud Lessons From 7 Leading Cloud Computing Vendors

    Cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses operate. It has transformed infrastructure, networking, storage, backup and recovery, performance analysis, troubleshooting, development and testing, and so much more. And today, there’s much more to cloud than what AWS and Azure have to offer. There’s an immense variety of cloud products for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Cloud solu… Read More

  6. 004 - Ansible with Jonathan Frappier

    Jonathan Frappier is on the show to talk about his experience with Ansible and how configuration management and orchestration changes the way we work. Listen Now

    • SDDC
  7. ActualTech Media 2016 Cloud MegaCast Recap

    Yesterday was an exciting day as ActualTech Media organized the 2016 Cloud MegaCast event - this was the first time in the MegaCast event series that the featured topic has been Cloud. The event was extremely well received and attendees had a great time digging deeper by using the Q&A panel of the event console, answering poll questions, and Tweeting about the event using the hashtag #CloudMegacas… Read More

  8. Announcing Stratoscale Symphony V2!

    Disclosure: This post is not sponsored. However, Stratoscale is a valued client of ActualTech Media. See our full disclosure page here:  Private-Cloud-in-a-Box is a promise that many enterprise IT vendors today would like to deliver on. IT consumers can provision resources with a click of the mouse (or a snippet of code, more likely!) from publi… Read More

  9. The Role of Flash Storage in Converged Infrastructure

    Scott D. Lowe from ActualTech Media will help you learn about how flash storage is changing the converged infrastructure space. You’ll get to hear from Pure Storage’s Mayur Dewaikar about FlashStack – a pre-validated converged architecture built on Pure’s storage array. Converged infrastructure solutions shorten the time to value in a data center equipment rollout, and in this event you… Learn More

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  10. The Continuing Evolution of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    It doesn’t seem all that long ago that the market was introduced to what we now consider “original” hyperconverged infrastructure technology.  In that initial wave of technology, we saw appliances combining servers and storage hit the shelves, firing a shot over the bow of storage providers that the status quo wouldn’t remain the status quo much longer.  Since then, we’ve seen player a… Read More

  11. Think Differently About Storage With Superconvergence

    Modern virtualization introduced overhead into the compute and storage stack in a number of ways. For many production workloads, IT organizations were happy to trade the overhead incurred for the massive increase in workload consolidation and ease of administration. But there are always outliers. In the case of extremely compute-heavy workloads, sometimes the correct choice was indeed to avoid… Read More

  12. 003 - Eric Wright On Root Cause Analysis

    Eric Wright (@discoposse) is on the show to discuss the way Root Cause Analysis as a practice is changing in the data center. Listen Now

  13. Blazing Fast Network Virtualization with Superconvergence

    VMware's acquisition of Nicira in 2012 and Cisco's major push with ACI were confirmation that software-defined networking and network function virtualization were coming to a data center near you. SDN solutions like NSX work their magic by making use of an overlay network to virtualize a network segment and allow the client traffic to traverse the underlying network infrastructure (referred to… Read More

  14. The Continuing Convergence of Infrastructure

    As technology has evolved and our ideas around how IT infrastructure should be managed have matured, infrastructure has continued to converge. The main drivers for this convergence have been operational efficiency and predictability. When converged infrastructure was introduced, the provisioning and validation steps were removed from the turn up process and companies like VCE and NetApp did the he… Read More

  15. Hyperconvergence EcoCast

    Simplifying the data center has become one of the primary goals in all things IT and, most especially, in the data center. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of storage, which is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Hyperconverged infrastructure is leading this transformation, providing a simplified data center experience that integrates storage and compute with the virtualization… Learn More

    • Hyperconvergence
  16. 002 - DRS Doctor With Brian Graf

    Brian Graf of VMware is on the show to discuss the new Fling from VMware Labs: DRS Doctor. DRS Doctor is an exciting new tool that helps administrators analyze and troubleshoot DRS decisions without involving VMware support, which was commonly required in the past. Listen Now

  17. Don’t Miss This! Our 2016 Cloud MegaCast – July 27th!

    Be among the thousands of IT Pros that have attended our live MegaCast events! Don't miss out and Register to join us July 27th at 12:00PM Eastern time! Read More

  18. The Cloud Is A Journey, Not a Destination

    You’ve all heard the mantra that enterprise IT workloads are marching slowly (or quickly, in some cases) but surely to the cloud.  In this context, the assumption is that workloads are exiting the local data center and making their way to public cloud providers such as Amazon and Microsoft.  While this is certainly true for some applications, it’s absolutely false for others.  That said, ev… Read More

  19. vChat Podcast - VMware Labs Flings with James Green, vBlog Results, and Home Labs (Episode 41)

    In episode #41, Simon and David talk with vExpert James Green about his favorite VMware Labs Flings including DRS Doctor, I/O Analyzer, and PowerCLI tools. We also cover the vBlog 2016 results and what we are doing with our home labs. WATCH NOW to see the full episode! Show Notes and Hyperlinks Here are notes and links to many of the things we covered in episode 41 of vChat: vExpert Jame… Read More

  20. 001 - VMware Code With Kyle Ruddy

    Kyle Ruddy from VMware{code} is on the show to discuss a program led by VMware to encourage developers to contribute to open source projects - especially those that interface with VMware products. Listen Now