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  1. Private Cloud on a Budget: Solving the 'Build vs. Buy' Dilemma

    By creating a private cloud, you and your company can gain numerous benefits around efficiency, scalability, and agility. The go-to solution for building a private cloud is the open source “OpenStack”. With an OpenStack powered private cloud, you’ll be able to visualize your entire infrastructure, carve it up as desired, and even allow power-users to deploy new applications using self-servic… Learn More

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  2. Ignite Your Data Center With a Private Cloud In a Box

    Not all that long ago, data center infrastructure was the exclusive domain of the technical staff in IT. Today, however, infrastructure is consumed directly by many more constituents, including line of business application owners and DevOps people working on new product development. While cloud was a seemingly viable alternative, many have faced positively unpleasant Amazon bills that stun the bud… Learn More

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  3. Cloud Luminary Lounge with Kieran Harty and Steve Herrod

    Here’s a session that'll get your wheels turning: Put former VMware CTO Steve Herrod (current Managing Director at General Catalyst Partners) and Kieran Harty (former EVP R&D, current CTO and Co-Founder at Tintri) in a room and bombard them with your most burning questions about cloud. Learn More

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  4. Turning Digital Performance into Competitive Advantage

    Time is money! In today’s hyper-digital world, website and digital performance means business performance. If you’re customer’s web experience is lacking, your revenue will suffer. Customers demand that every touchpoint with the companies they do business with will work every time, at top speed. If you drop the ball – even for a few seconds – you’ll lose business, and worse, you’ll l… Learn More

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  5. How to Migrate Workloads to the Google Cloud Platform

    IT Organizations of all sizes are moving their workloads to the public cloud in order to gain business agility, unlimited workload scalability, and free their time to work on the projects that matter. One of the leaders in public cloud is the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). GCP offers access to the complete set of Google services, industry leading infrastructure, and innovative platform allowing fast… Learn More

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  6. Conquering Disaster Recovery Challenges

    More and more companies are leveraging the cloud for disaster recovery. After all, the limitless compute resources of the cloud are perfectly suited for disaster recovery. Still, too many companies have struggled with leveraging hybrid cloud for DR because of the lack of automation & orchestration as well as the struggle to easily connect corporate system-of-record data with cloud compute. Learn More

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  7. Disaster Recovery Cost Consideration

    Traditional disaster recovery options involve a secondary data center or a contracted DR solution which is expensive, difficult to test, and often doesn’t even provide 100% recoverability as compared to the production data center. In many cases, medium and small companies can’t even afford a true disaster recovery solution and, instead, must plan on being down while new infrastructure is obtai… Learn More

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