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  1. #VMworld 2016 Interview with VMware's @michaeljhaag - The Future of VSAN (@vmwarevsan)

    We had a feeling VSAN (@vmwarevsan) was going to be a big deal at VMworld 2016 and VMware didn't disappoint. There were a ton of great sessions around VSAN and the company announced that is has achieved over 5,000 VSAN customers, making it one of the most widely used hyperconverged solutions available on the market today. During the keynote address on day two, Yanbing Li, Sr. VP and GM of the Stor… Read More

  2. 010 - James Brown on HCI in the Field

    This week I'm joined by James Brown (@jbcompvm), who is currently a consultant with Nutanix's professional services division. He's helping customers evaluate and deploy hyperconverged infrastructure all the time. James spends most of his time where the rubber meets the road - when customers go from discussing hyperconvergence as a concept to deploying some equipment in their own data center. As… Listen Now

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  3. vChat Podcast - Containers vs Virtual Machines (Episode 43) with Wes Higbee @g0t4

    In episode #43, David talks with Wes Higbee of to discuss containers vs virtual machines. Wes is an author  of 12+ courses, he's a great speaker, educator, and very knowledgeable developer. For those reasons, this vChat turned out especially great (which you'll see for yourself)! Watch this vChat to get the real truth about containers! WATCH NOW to see th… Read More

  4. #VMworld 2016 Interview with Workspot (@workspotinc)

    In case you were wondering, 2016 is the year of VDI and Workspot (@workspotinc) has completely reinvented it. The company simplifies and streamlines VDI by putting it in the cloud. Workspot has created a cloud-based architecture that can deploy many VDI environments quickly and efficiently—and at a lower cost than traditional VDI solutions. David Davis met with Brad Peterson, VP of Marketing… Read More

  5. #VMworld 2016 Interview with Condusiv Technologeis (@Condusiv)

    If you happened to stop by the Condusiv Technologies (@Condusiv) booth at VMworld 2016 you might be surprised to learn that the company has been around for over 30 years. During the last four years the company has been focusing on its V-locity product, which helps improve application performance in virtual environments. David Davis had the chance to speak with Brian Morin, Senior VP of Sales and M… Read More

  6. 009 - VMworld Recap with David Davis

    ActualTech Media partners James Green (@jdgreen)and David Davis (@davidmdavis) review VMworld 2016 and provide resources for continuing learning after the event. Listen Now

  7. Disaggregated Physical Storage Architectures and Hyperconvergence

    In the data center, technology advances in distinct steps rather than smoothly along a continuum. One day we don’t have SSDs, and the next, the first SSD is generally available and we do. Market adoption, however, smooths out those distinct steps into what looks more like a gradually sloping line. Some technologies see more rapid adoption than others, and a recent example of this is hyperconverg… Read More

  8. #VMworld 2016 Interview with Scality (@Scality)

    Scality (@Scality), known for simplifying object storage, recently announced its first open source software: the S3 Server. At VMworld 2016 James Green had a chance to speak with Jerome Lecat, Co-founder and CEO at Scality, about the new S3 Server, which offers AWS S3-like qualities and is fully compatible with Amazon’s APIs. It can be deployed on a laptop for quick dev and test use cases, and c… Read More

  9. #VMworld 2016 Interview with Quali (@QualiSystems)

    As more DevOps tools come to market, there are a few that stand out. One of them is Quali (@QualiSystems), a software that aims to accelerate and automate the DevOps lifecycle through cloud sandboxing. At VMworld 2016, David Davis spoke with Shashi Kiran, CMO at Quali, and Chris Grabosky, Senior Systems Engineer, to learn about what Quali does and what makes it unique. Kiran says that Quali’s cl… Read More

  10. Interview: Maxta's New Freemium Hyperconvergence Solution #VMworld (@MaxtaInc)

    At VMworld 2016, David Davis interviewed Maxta's new Vice President of Marketing, Mitch Seigle, about Maxta's new Freemium Hyperconvergence solution. Hyperconvergence is a hot topic because of the tremendous efficiencies that it brings however every HCI solution is different. Many HCI solutions require that you buy one or multiple hardware appliances. Maxta is an all-software HCI solution which m… Read More

  11. #VMworld 2016 Interview with Illumio (@Illumio)

    There was a lot of talk about micro-segmentation this year at VMworld, as VMware continues to educate its users on NSX while at the same time integrating the technology further within its SDDC vision. What some VMworld goers might not realize is that NSX is not the only option for micro-segmentation. Illumio’s (@Illumio) Adaptive Security Platform offers micro-segmentation that works on bare-met… Read More

  12. #VMworld 2016 Interview with Datto (@Datto)

    Datto (@Datto) provides products and services that focus on data protection, backup and disaster recovery, and business continuity for physical and virtual servers, both on-prem and in the cloud, including cloud-to-cloud for SaaS applications. You might think, there’s lots of B/DR and disaster recovery solutions out there, so what makes Datto unique? Mark Kulacz, Director of Technical Market… Read More

  13. #VMworld 2016 Interview with ClearSky Data (@ClearSkyData)

    While the need for more storage keeps growing the cloud is a viable option, but not every enterprise can deal with the inevitable performance and latency issues that come with it. ClearSky Data (@ClearSkyData) saw this problem as an opportunity to deliver enterprise storage as a fully managed, SLA-based service. The company built a global storage network, said Laz Vekiarides, CTO and Co-founder of… Read More

  14. #VMworld 2016 Interview with RES (@RESsoftware)

    Onboarding new users can be a complicated, cumbersome and time consuming process. RES (@RESsoftware) specializes in making this process faster and easier for IT by leveraging automation to deliver IT services. We spoke with Thomas Brown, Sales Engineer at RES, to learn more about how RES works and what it offers in the area of provisioning and deprovisioning. RES recently released a connector… Read More

  15. #VMworld 2016 Interview With Zerto (@Zerto)

    Zerto (@Zerto) is moving beyond backup and disaster recovery, focusing on the bigger picture to help enterprises achieve resiliency. The company unveiled some big news around its 5.0 product and at VMworld Zerto’s CMO, Gil Levonai, outlined the new features and capabilities, including support for Azure (in addition to AWS). Levonai also explained the one to many support feature and how it create… Read More

  16. #VMworld 2016 Interview With Runecast (@RuneCastBiz)

    After years of troubleshooting issues in vSphere environments, the team at Runecast (@RuneCastBiz) decided to create its own tool to help organizations be more proactive, instead of reactive, when it comes to identifying and mitigating potential issues and preventing outages. Runecast’s CEO, Stanimir Markov, shares some new and upcoming features coming to Runecast Analyzer that can help organiza… Read More

  17. #VMworld 2016 Interview With Blue Medora (@Bluemedora)

    Blue Medora (@bluemedora) focuses on performance management, monitoring and creating efficiency, offering what the company calls “true visibility” into vROps through its extensions. Today, Blue Medora offers over 30 management packs for vRealize Operations suite. Chris Noordyke, VP of Global Sales at Blue Medora, explains how the company’s product suites differentiate and help organizations… Read More

  18. #VMworld 2016 Interview With Tintri Storage (@Tintri)

    Tintri's (@Tintri) hybrid and all-flash storage is built specifically for virtualized and cloud environments. The company calls it "VM-aware" storage, promising performance optimization and benefits that traditional storage just can’t deliver. But do you really need all-flash storage? That’s the question we posed to Don Shake, Partner Sales Manager at Tintri. Shake explains how Tintri appr… Read More

  19. #VMworld 2016 Interview With Platform9 (@Platform9Sys)

    Simplifying the journey to the cloud is the mission of a lot of vendors these days. Today, you’ll find a wide range of solutions that target customers moving to the cloud in a number of different ways. Platform9 (@Platform9Sys) focuses on private cloud services that leverage open standards, like OpenStack and Kubernetes, delivering a SaaS-based management platform for vSphere, KVM and Docker use… Read More

  20. #VMworld 2016 Day 2: Unified Endpoint Management, VMware Integrated OpenStack 3 & vSphere Integrated Containers

    VMware's GM of End-User Computing, Sanjay Poonen (@spoonen), and CTO, Ray O'Farrell (@ray_ofarrell), took to the stage on day two of VMworld 2016 to share some key announcements around the company's products and strategy that focus on improving the user experience, both from an admin and end-user perspectives. “It’s all about users,” said O’Farrell, as he discussed some of the main… Read More