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  1. Live Data Protection DemoCast

    Cut out the slideware and salesy-talk. Do you want to see the best features of a real data protection product in action - all in under 30 minutes? If so, this first-ever DemoCast is for you! We'll jump right into the demo and show you the most critical functionality first- easily backing up physical and virtual machines. From there, you'll see how recovery individual VMs, individual files, and… Learn More

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    Until recently, enterprise-grade disaster recovery (DR) had been prohibitively expensive, leaving many organizations with unreliable solutions and high levels of risk. Now, organizations can enjoy top-of-the-line disaster recovery at a fraction of the price, thanks to the rapid development of cloud technology. So why do many organizations take the risk of having only a backup system, which can… Learn More

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  3. Ransomware EcoCast

    Lurking beneath the sea of your users’ email inbox is one of today’s most nefarious security threats. A single click of a mouse can turn an innocent looking email message into an existential threat for your business. That threat – ransomware – effectively locks away all of your files behind an encryption wall via which the malware deliverer attempts to extort your company in order to be p… Learn More

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  4. Key Data Protection Best Practices

    If you’re like most organizations, keeping your data safe and available are critically important tasks to your business and you’re always looking for ways to make sure that you don’t succumb to a disaster. To help aid you in your data protection journey, Tintri and Veeam have come together in this virtual event to share with you best practices around data protection. Join industry veteran… Learn More

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  5. Conquering Disaster Recovery Challenges

    More and more companies are leveraging the cloud for disaster recovery. After all, the limitless compute resources of the cloud are perfectly suited for disaster recovery. Still, too many companies have struggled with leveraging hybrid cloud for DR because of the lack of automation & orchestration as well as the struggle to easily connect corporate system-of-record data with cloud compute. Learn More

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    You need a disaster recovery plan and the the technology behind it to make sure it actually works when disaster strikes. With ever changing infrastructures and applications, most IT organizations struggle to, not only keep their plan up to date, but to keep the disaster recovery infrastructure in sync with production, ensure that data is always protected, and periodically test disaster recovery pr… Learn More

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  7. Disaster Recovery in a Box

    Is your Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) plan complete, fully tested, and affordable? For the vast majority of companies out there, the answer is always NO. That’s because BC/DR plans are never complete (they’re constantly changing), disaster recovery is too hard to fully test, and a complete BC/DR solution is never affordable. Fortunately, Maxta and Zerto with their Disaster… Learn More

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