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  1. Protect From Ransomware And Simplify Remote Office Backup

    Ransomware threats are increasingly targeting backup infrastructure, the last line of defense for many organizations. Remote and branch offices, which typically have limited IT resources, offer a point of vulnerability, making them ideal targets and entry points for attack. Taking steps to remedy or better secure on-premise infrastructure is a slow and costly process which leaves both primary and… Learn More

  2. Supporting Microsoft-centric Environments

    Microsoft continues to be a powerhouse in both on-premises environments as well as in the cloud with services such as Azure and Office 365, among others. The company's products and services power everything, from desktops to servers to enterprise applications to storage to cloud environments. With so many Microsoft products, IT organizations face many challenges and there is a strong Microsoft eco… Learn More

  3. Control the Chaos with Quest KACE Unified Endpoint Management

    In today’s organizations, IT assets are growing in numbers and complexity. Irrespective of the industry, IT Managers are now tasked with managing and securing traditional devices such as laptops and servers as well as mobile and IoT devices. Layer on the growing need for a partially or fully remote workforce and you have a recipe for a resource intensive nightmare. How can you manage the plethor… Learn More

  4. Power Up Your Databases

    Data is the lifeblood of the enterprise and keeping your databases running smoothly and efficiently is essential to the health of your organization. Throughout this 7-part powerhouse database series from Nutanix, you’ll discover how you can improve every aspect of your critical database services. From massively simplifying database lifecycle management with database-as-a-service to addressing t… Learn More

  5. EUC Master Class Series||The Future of Work is Now: How to Launch Your Remote Workforce with EUC

    End User Computing (EUC) has emerged as a crucial enabling technology for remote work, as it allows employees to work anywhere, anytime, and from any device. But many are still seeking straight answers about the risks and rewards of this approach, as well as practical advice on how to get started. Is it more or less secure than traditional desktops?… Learn More

  6. Tips for Supporting a Remote Workforce

    IT pros are used to requests seemingly at odds with reality, but rarely are such requests more necessary than what many have dealt with in recent weeks.  As countries, counties, cities, schools, businesses, and organizations of all shapes and sizes come to grips with their own current realities, many are turning to IT in a desperate bid to ensure ongoing business continuity. Many organizations… Read More

  7. Pursuing your SAP Application Strategy and Outcomes

    Businesses that run and/or report using SAP applications have varied strategies to achieve successful outcomes.  In this webinar, we will discuss a broad approach to these strategies in a way that modernizes, and in some cases, transforms your business’ use and consumption of SAP applications. Learn More

  8. The Path to Hybrid Cloud is as Easy as Packing for Your Vacation

    Getting to hybrid cloud shouldn’t be as complex as a Rubik’s Cube. In fact, it should be as easy as lounging on the beach. Consider this webinar your primer on going beyond hyperconvergence to deliver more simplicity, more automation, and more connectivity to the public cloud. You’ll learn how to walk away with these benefits and more in a matter of hours—not months—and without the ne… Learn More

  9. Good DevOps, Part 1: Take Your Time

    Continuously delivering value to end users, the business, and the rest of the teams inside an organization has always been crucial. But why are we hearing about it so much now? What is this whole DevOps thing, and why put “continuous” in front of so many words? DevOps, and its set of continuous processes called continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment, are hot.… Read More

  10. Modernizing and Securing Financial Environments

    Financial services firms often have unique needs that don't face other industry verticals. For example, strict security policies, strong compliance requirements, and extensive data retention demands. Top those needs off with complex, distributed, and dynamic applications and most IT Professionals who work in the financial industry are in dire need of more efficient, secure, and intelligent solutio… Learn More

  11. A Beginner’s Guide to PostgreSQL Performance Management

    When an organization moves to an open-source database platform like PostgreSQL®, it’s often driven by economics. And rarely are the considerations for database management—specifically performance optimization and tuning—taken into consideration. No matter what the database, Oracle® or Postgres, if it isn’t performing at top speed and efficiency, it can impact application performance. The… Learn More

  12. Bring your Data Protection Strategy into the 21st with Pure Storage and Commvault

    Increasing Data Volumes? Aggressive recovery SLA’s? Running scared of Ransomware attacks? Sitting around waiting for restores? Not only can PureStorage and Commvault transform your data protection strategy but can provide a future proof architecture that can deliver on your recovery needs now and scale as your data grows and meet other challenges such as Ransomware protection, compliance and… Learn More

  13. Upleveling Your Security and Networking Capabilities

    Data breaches are happening every day and are highlighted on the evening news. That's NOT the kind of notoriety that your company needs! In today's world, every organization has concerns about their data and network security, but the real question is - what steps should you take to protect yourself? On this fast-paced event you'll learn about the most innovative security and networking tools th… Learn More

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  14. What’s the Future of Java and Other Java Virtual Machine Languages?

    Among the many innovations Java introduced was the exposure of its internal byte code, or “virtual machine.” Many languages by then (1995) were converted or compiled into some intermediate format before being assembled into native machine code, but Java’s designers placed this virtual machine at the center of the Java development process by distributing programs in that form—all in the cau… Read More

  15. Back to Work in the New Normal

    Customers face significant new workplace challenges in the post-pandemic world. Re-opening requires many organizations to implement new solutions to ensure employee health and safety. This webinar will focus on how HPE Pointnext Services can help our customers get their employees, carefully and safely, back to work in their normal, physical work locations. Learn More

  16. Need For Speed: Get Hybrid Cloud Up & Running Quickly

    Seamlessly run applications on private or public cloud—it’s hybrid cloud done the right way! Legacy IT environments simply don’t have the simplicity or speed you need to launch your hybrid cloud initiatives. So, are you ready to transform? Rather than purchasing bits and pieces for your hybrid cloud that can create needless silos that can’t even extend to public cloud, you need a soluti… Learn More

  17. 090  – Blurring the Memory/Storage Lines

    It’s the age-old IT tradeoff: the speed of memory, with its lack of persistence, vs. storage, which is slower but persistent. More and more, however, this tradeoff is being minimized, with new technologies offering the promise of both speed and persistence. MemVerge is one of the companies at the leading edge of this revolution, and they join ActualTech Media Partner James Green to discuss th… Listen Now

  18. Rocketing to the Future of Cloud-Defined Storage

    The word revolution in the context of the storage market has been used a lot over the past decade, sometimes accurately. Today, we’re applying that word – accurately! – to the next evolution in data storage: cloud-defined storage, an idea born at Nebulon and nurtured by experienced industry moguls. Cloud-defined storage is a new paradigm in data storage and is the culmination of a well-en… Learn More

  19. Supporting Public, Private, Hybrid, and Multi-cloud Efforts

    There's a ton of hype around public cloud offerings but what's typically left unsaid is that public cloud can be much more complex and costly than anticipated. Not only are IT Pros dealing with complexity and unexpected costs, they are struggling with insufficient visibility, unpredictable application performance, lack of operational agility and expanded security risks. What IT organizations need… Learn More

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  20. Nutanix Makes Disaster Recovery Simple and Affordable With Cloud-Based DRaaS

    This “new normal” has caused you to step back, take a deep breath, and evaluate your options, especially given the fact that much, if not all, of your workforce is working remotely – IT included. What happens when you can’t physically get to your datacenter to run tests that satisfy your auditors? The expectation of ensuring continuous business operations persists,… Learn More