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  1. Microsoft Has Out-Appled Apple While Apple Loses Its Way

    I don't write a lot about non-enterprise IT stuff, but in this case, I’m making an exception. I used to be a Windows guy and was vehemently anti-Apple… and then I gave it a real chance and discovered, well, I was wrong.  Apple was releasing products that worked extremely well while, at the same time, the Windows ecosystem was a race to the bottom, with manufacturers churning out utter junk… Read More

  2. Stories From the 2016 Emerging Technology Summit

    The Emerging Technology Summit took over Edina, Minnesota earlier this week as DeltaWare Data Solutions brought in a variety of their partners to meet with and teach their customers and prospects on various progressive IT topics. Some of the ActualTech Media team was also in attendance, speaking and recording video interviews with the vendors and customers. There's a delicate balance that ever… Read More


    Until recently, enterprise-grade disaster recovery (DR) had been prohibitively expensive, leaving many organizations with unreliable solutions and high levels of risk. Now, organizations can enjoy top-of-the-line disaster recovery at a fraction of the price, thanks to the rapid development of cloud technology. So why do many organizations take the risk of having only a backup system, which can… Learn More

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  4. Microsoft #Ignite 2016 - In Review by @DavidMDavis

    There was a lot of excitement recently at the Microsoft’s annual user conference – Ignite 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. With over 23,000 IT Pros in attendance from around the world, bigtime keynotes in the arena, and countless new innovations across a wide breath of products – it was a great show! In years passed it seemed that Microsoft’s lack of innovation had the software giant slowly dying… Read More

  5. Have We Really Outgrown RAID?

    The industry has been talking about this for a few years now, but it's becoming a real and present concern. RAID protection schemes have been used for a long time to protect data, either by mirroring the same data across redundant drives or by calculating parity across a collection of drives such that upon the failure of any drive (or drives), the data can be reconstructed with the remaining data.… Read More

  6. Greasing the Skids on Object Storage

    Anybody heavily entrenched in the storage aspect of IT infrastructure is excited about object storage these days. And for a good reason. Data for some of the biggest cloud-based services available today is often stored as objects. Using an object storage solution allows for massive scale and durability because there's no filesystem overhead to deal with. It can be cheaper in comparison to file or… Read More

  7. 013 - J Metz on NVMe and NVMe-oF

    A big portion of the incredible storage performance that we enjoy today and that necessitates projects like Intel's SPDK is NVMe. Being that we've lived in a SCSI world for such a long time, it's hard for many people to grasp exactly what NVMe is and begin thinking about storage access this way. To help us understand it better, I'm excited to bring to the show J Metz (@drjmetz) who is possibly the… Listen Now

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  8. Join the ActualTech Media Team at the 2016 Emerging Technology Summit!

    We're excited to announce that we're going to be in attendance at the 2016 Emerging Technology Summit organized by DeltaWare Data Systems on Tuesday, October 25th in Minneapolis, MN.  This one-day summit is an annual educational trade show focusing on state of the art, dynamic technologies that are adaptable to ensure your IT infrastructure is resilient to future advances. Live and streamin… Read More

  9. Analyst-Induced Hype and Managing Real-World IT

    Recently, I received an article in my inbox entitled “If you’re not planning for IoT, you’re already behind” and, frankly, it just frustrated me. Although the article author was listed as simply “CIO Staff” the featured picture was that of Vernon Turner, SVP Enterprise Systems & Fellow for the Internet of Things for IDC. While Turner is an incredibly knowledgeable analyst, this induced… Read More

  10. 012 - vSphere Performance with Dennis Zimmer

    On this episode, I had the pleasure of talking with Dennis Zimmer (@vmachine_de)- friend of the IT community and CEO of Opvisor. In his current capacity, Dennis talks to a lot of IT professionals about the monitoring and troubleshooting issues they have, particularly in vSphere environments. We talked about some common misconfigurations or issues that many users experience, as well as how Opvisor… Listen Now

  11. #VMworld 2016 Interview With @VMwareCloudMgmt - The KISS of vRealize Operations! (@vRealizeOps)

    VMware made some key announcements around its vRealize Operations Suite (aka @vRealizeOps and @VMwareCloudMgmt on Twitter) at VMworld 2016 and so we caught up with Hicham Mourad, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager for Cloud Infrastructure Management at VMware, to learn more. Mourad presented several sessions on vROPS at this year's conference, but one in particular caught our attention and it hap… Read More

  12. #VMworld 2016 Interview With @VMwareCloudMgmt - What's New in vRealize Operations 6.3 (@vRealizeOps)

    Ahead of VMworld 2016, VMware released the newest version of vRealize Operations (aka @vRealizeOps and @VMwareCloudMgmt on Twitter). David Davis met with Hicham Mourad, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager for Cloud Infrastructure Management at VMware, who shared some details on the new features vROPS 6.3 makes available. In the video, Mourad talks about how version 6.3 can help VMware admins be mo… Read More

  13. 011 - Emad Younis on VCSA Migration

    VMware has been pushing hard for the adoption of the vCenter Server Appliance over the original Windows-based deployment model for a few major releases of the product. As of recently, the VCSA has reached feature parity with the Windows version and there are many very good reasons to adopt a VCSA-based vCenter design. Once of the many challenges with adoption has been that brownfield migration fro… Listen Now

  14. #VMworld 2016 Interview with VMware's Alberto Farronato (@Alberto_F) - The SDDC Vision (@VMwareSDDC)

    VMware continues to execute on its long-term vision of the software-defined data center (@vmwaresddc). At VMworld 2016, the company announced Cross-Cloud Services, which Guido Appenzeller, VMware’s CTSO, called “the complete SDDC experience on-prem and in the cloud,” along with the VMware Cloud Foundation, which is an integrated SDDC platform that combines vSphere, VSAN and NSX, for the firs… Read More

  15. #VMworld 2016 Interview with VMware's @michaeljhaag - The Future of VSAN (@vmwarevsan)

    We had a feeling VSAN (@vmwarevsan) was going to be a big deal at VMworld 2016 and VMware didn't disappoint. There were a ton of great sessions around VSAN and the company announced that is has achieved over 5,000 VSAN customers, making it one of the most widely used hyperconverged solutions available on the market today. During the keynote address on day two, Yanbing Li, Sr. VP and GM of the Stor… Read More

  16. 010 - James Brown on HCI in the Field

    This week I'm joined by James Brown (@jbcompvm), who is currently a consultant with Nutanix's professional services division. He's helping customers evaluate and deploy hyperconverged infrastructure all the time. James spends most of his time where the rubber meets the road - when customers go from discussing hyperconvergence as a concept to deploying some equipment in their own data center. As… Listen Now

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  17. vChat Podcast - Containers vs Virtual Machines (Episode 43) with Wes Higbee @g0t4

    In episode #43, David talks with Wes Higbee of to discuss containers vs virtual machines. Wes is an author  of 12+ courses, he's a great speaker, educator, and very knowledgeable developer. For those reasons, this vChat turned out especially great (which you'll see for yourself)! Watch this vChat to get the real truth about containers! WATCH NOW to see th… Read More

  18. #VMworld 2016 Interview with Workspot (@workspotinc)

    In case you were wondering, 2016 is the year of VDI and Workspot (@workspotinc) has completely reinvented it. The company simplifies and streamlines VDI by putting it in the cloud. Workspot has created a cloud-based architecture that can deploy many VDI environments quickly and efficiently—and at a lower cost than traditional VDI solutions. David Davis met with Brad Peterson, VP of Marketing… Read More

  19. #VMworld 2016 Interview with Condusiv Technologeis (@Condusiv)

    If you happened to stop by the Condusiv Technologies (@Condusiv) booth at VMworld 2016 you might be surprised to learn that the company has been around for over 30 years. During the last four years the company has been focusing on its V-locity product, which helps improve application performance in virtual environments. David Davis had the chance to speak with Brian Morin, Senior VP of Sales and M… Read More

  20. 009 - VMworld Recap with David Davis

    ActualTech Media partners James Green (@jdgreen)and David Davis (@davidmdavis) review VMworld 2016 and provide resources for continuing learning after the event. Listen Now