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  1. The Software-Defined Data Center of Tomorrow Starts Today

    In this paper, you will learn about the software-defined data center – with a focus on storage. You will discover the key challenges that are giving rise to software-defined storage. Finally, you will also learn about how software- defined resources operate and why this seemingly overhyped technology is just now becoming a major force for data centers that are ready to meet the business needs of… Download Now

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  2. Building an Agile Infrastructure for DevOps

    Enterprise IT is in the throes of a fundamental transformation from a careful builder of infrastructure that supports core enterprise applications to a lean and lively developer of business-enabling applications powered by infrastructures. This is referred to as bi-modal IT. This metamorphosis of IT is made possible by leveraging software-based automation and programmable units of infrastructure. Download Now

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  3. Comparing Hyperconvergence Architectures

    Companies of all sizes are shopping for hyperconverged infrastructure solutions and when they do, they will find that they must weigh the benefits of a software-centric approach vs. an appliance- based approach In this paper, you will learn about the pros and cons of each of these approaches. Download Now

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  4. Architecting Large Virtualization Environments Using Web-Scale Storage

    When virtualization first came on the scene earlier this millennium, projects were generally limited to non- strategic server consolidation efforts and ancillary services. Mission critical services remained firmly in the physical world. Over the next few years, though, as the hypervisor realm became more trusted, more agile, and more dependable, IT decision makers started to view the hypervisor en… Download Now

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  5. Solving the Top 5 Virtualized Application and Infrastructure Problems

    Too many companies find themselves lost and have more questions than answers. Learn how to solve the top 5 virtualized application and infrastructure problems. Download Now

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  6. Modernizing and Optimizing the Data Center

    Have you ever had a situation in which your Information Technology (IT) department was unable to meet a need due to technology limitations in the company’s data center? Perhaps there was too little data storage space or not enough capacity in the system to meet the needs of a new initiative. The result was an unexpected expenditure required in order to patch the deficiency in the current environ… Download Now

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