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  1. Stay Connected with Out-of-Band Management

    During a security assessment, auditors always ask this one question: “How do you manage your devices?” The answer should be: “out-of-band management.” Is that your answer? If not, you may have issues that need immediate attention. What Is Out-of-Band Management? Let’s get started with a definition. Out-of-band management, or OOBM, is a technology that allows you to connect to devi… Read More

  2. Systems Management and the FCAPS Standard

    Managing systems and networks ultimately means understanding what they comprise, what they can do, and who’s allowed to use them. In IT, systems and network management is an important discipline with a long history, with many approaches and tools to implement them. FCAPS Sets the Management Stage A comprehensive model for network and device management appeared in the 1980s as part of the Ope… Read More

  3. Security Mayday: Leading the Charge on Ransomware and Business Email Compromise

    Email is the number one form of communication in the world, so it comes as no surprise it’s also the number one attack vector for cyber criminals. What is surprising, is how many organizations leave email unprotected. Phishing campaigns and business email compromise (BEC) cost organizations nearly $300 million per month and climbing. Learn More

  4. Tips for Proper Out-of-Band Network Design

    Out-of-band (OOB) networking provides a separate, independent pathway in and out of systems and networks. OOB doesn’t depend on production networks to access equipment, perform management and monitoring tasks, make repairs, or access data for legal or technical reasons. But what’s the proper way to set up an OOB network? Do you know and understand how they differ from standard networks? If… Read More

  5. Why Office 365 Backup is ESSENTIAL

    Microsoft Office 365 enables your enterprise to work remotely, enabling employees to stay productive and connected in the comfort and safety of their home. With a massive influx of remote workers, businesses more than ever before are storing, sharing and accessing data within Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business as well as Exchange and SharePoint Online, and that data needs to be protected. L… Learn More

  6. Object Storage: What Is It and How Can It Help You Manage Ever-Expanding Data?

    As an IT or storage administrator, you’re probably being tasked to back up vast amounts of unstructured data that is unlikely ever to be changed. Object storage is an ideal solution because it’s much simpler than file and block storage, and can reside on any number of servers, whether on premises or in the cloud. Yet there are still questions. What are the key security concerns? What is the… Learn More

  7. Implement Disaster Recovery in a Hybrid Cloud World with AWS and Pure Storage

    Did you know you can enable your hybrid cloud vision by extending on-premises storage infrastructure with Pure Storage to AWS for disaster recovery (DR)? The ability to store and manage data easily between your on-premises environment and AWS can help organizations reduce the business impact of a hardware failure and/or site failure — from a single volume or array to an entire site. Pure Clou… Learn More

  8. Which Apps Make Sense on Which Cloud?

    Your applications, data, and workloads are all unique, and they need to run on the right cloud architecture. Don't take a chance and end up suffering slow performance or downtime by moving your applications to the wrong cloud! It’s time to get smart with where, why and how you move them. Join us on this webinar to learn what factors to use to decide where to run your most common business-crit… Learn More

  9. 087  – Tech Conferences Ain’t Dead!

    COVID-19 has changed everything, and hit every area of life. That’s also true for the tech industry, and no part of our industry has been hit harder than tech conferences. What’s their future? That’s what ActualTech Media Partner James Green and HashiCorp Head of Global Events & Experiential Marketing Jana Boruta tackle on this episode of “10 on Tech.” The reality is that no one kn… Listen Now

  10. FlashStack: Unmatched Simplicity, Speed AND Flexibility for your Datacenter

    Today's business-critical applications demand incredible performance and reliability, a single, integrated architecture with centralized management, flexible, easy and dynamic scalability without downtime, and technical innovation without the need to rip and replace. This is the solution that most IT organization have been searching for but couldn't find. Thankfully, the jointly developed Pure Sto… Learn More

  11. How To Ensure Business Continuity For Remote Workers

    Are you trying to maintain business continuity while also ensuring data protection and securing corporate network access for all employees? If you don't have time to deal with the complexity of backup and VPN configurations, Veeam® can come to the rescue. Learn More

  12. Enabling Next-Generation IT

    Already pushed by operational needs and digital transformation efforts, IT is finding itself front-and-center as organizations grapple with pandemic. The technology landscape, already fluid, has become a whitewater current. Far from maintaining the status quo, IT pros and CIOs now have a mandate to evolve and implement new IT solutions that support a rapidly changing business landscape. During… Learn More

  13. A Buyer's Guide for Availability on Premises and in the Cloud

    Cloud availability SLAs cover infrastructure availability, but what about applications like SAP, SQL Server and Oracle? Are you overspending for availability protection you may not need? Are you leaving important applications under-protected and vulnerable to downtime and data loss? Do you need availability, high availability, or disaster recovery protection for your applications in the cloud?… Learn More

  14. 086 – Kubernetes Grows Up

    How is Kubernetes like the virtualization industry? They both got their start as niche technologies, but as their usefulness became evident, they started to get more mainstream adoption. That led to more development of the technology, extending it further, which led to more adoption, and so on. Kubernetes today experiencing a similar growth curve, argues Rancher CMO Peter Smails in this episode… Listen Now

  15. Modernizing & Securing State, Local, & Education IT

    The IT organizations that make up state, local government, and educational institutions have unique requirements and regulations that traditional commercial organizations aren't hampered by. From unique IT budgeting to strict compliance, ""SLED"" organizations are constantly forced to maximize every IT resource in their complex IT environments. On Thursday, May 21st we're covering what you need… Learn More

  16. Cyber CSI: Learn How to Forensically Examine Phishing Emails to Better Protect Your Organization Today

    Cyber crime has become an arms race where the bad guys constantly evolve their attacks while you, the vigilant defender, must diligently expand your know how to prevent intrusions into your network. Staying a step ahead may even involve becoming your own cyber crime investigator, forensically examining actual phishing emails to determine the who, the where, and the how. In this webinar, Roger G… Learn More

  17. Run Your Datacenters From Your Anywhere

    Kick back in your coziest sweats and unleash the power of your datacenter. Whether you’re on your couch, at the kitchen table, or in your home office, initiate upgrades and manage your environment with ease anywhere you are. Nutanix simplifies and streamlines your environment to make hypervisor and infrastructure management as easy as checking your email. Learn More

  18. Using Data to Accelerate Your Recovery and Prepare for What Comes Next

    To transform, data remains at the heart of everything we do. Yet, when it comes to recovery, COVID-19 brings to light some common data challenges. How do you manage cash flow and preserve business continuity? Are you able to quickly enable a remote workforce? Are you prepared to support unpredictable demand and protect your enterprise against data vulnerability and heightened ransomware risk? J… Learn More

  19. Adapt Easily with Affordable and Secure Cloud Data Protection

    Protecting business data and ensuring continuity are top-of-mind priorities for IT professionals as their organizations navigate the new normal of working remotely. Cloud data protection offers the reliability, flexibility, and cost savings that organizations need to adapt quickly. How flexible and resilient is your data center backup and disaster recovery solution? Are you able to protect and… Learn More

  20. 085 - Don’t be Scared of Security

    There are many things to be worried about these days when it comes to IT security. There’s so much to know that it can be difficult to even know how to get started. As ActualTech Media Partner James Green says in this edition of “10 on Tech” with Devolutions, doing nothing means possibly leaving an attack vector left open. But the risk of doing something, and doing it wrong, can also leave y… Listen Now