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  1. Microsoft 365 Backup with a Remote Workforce

    Your new reality is likely a 100% remote workforce – or at least close to that. This presents new priorities for IT, which is causing many companies to accelerate their cloud journey. Adoption of SaaS applications like Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is growing more than ever, and collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams are being adopted at unprecedented rates. The pandemic and the remote… Learn More

  2. Supporting and Extending Virtual Environments

    Virtualization remains at the forefront of the data center and is extending into the cloud to enable true hybrid and multi-cloud environments. These environments are being augmented by new technologies, including containers, software-defined storage, networking, and other capabilities. On this MegaCast event, you'll learn about the latest innovations from our lineup of expert presenters who will c… Learn More

  3. The Future of Work is Now: How to Launch Your Remote Workforce with EUC

    End User Computing (EUC) has emerged as a crucial enabling technology for remote work, as it allows employees to work anywhere, anytime, and from any device. But many are still seeking straight answers about the risks and rewards of this approach, as well as practical advice on how to get started. Is it more or less secure than traditional desktops?… Learn More

  4. Achieving Predictive Analytics at Scale to Achieve Greater Enterprise Intelligence

    According to IDC, 87% of the U.S.-based CXOs said that greater enterprise intelligence is a key priority for them over the next 5 years. Where do you stand and how will your data analytics architecture scale to support your goals? Join our Webinar to learn how Predictive Analytics at Scale will change how companies confidently advance their decision models to accelerate predictive analytical perf… Learn More

  5. Developing an IT Strategy: Storage, Infrastructure, Cloud, DR, Security, and Beyond

    Recent events are forcing a systemic change across the IT landscape, from the deployment of new remote workforces to changes in security strategy to impacts that we didn't even think about six months ago and this ActualTech Media Virtual Summit is here to help. In order to be successful during this challenging time you'll need a solid strategy and to leverage today's innovative technology solu… Learn More

  6. Power Up Your Databases

    Data is the lifeblood of the enterprise and keeping your databases running smoothly and efficiently is essential to the health of your organization. Throughout this 7-part powerhouse database series from Nutanix, you’ll discover how you can improve every aspect of your critical database services. From massively simplifying database lifecycle management with database-as-a-service to addressing t… Learn More

  7. Rethink Your Storage Refresh

    What’s it like to replace your aging legacy storage with something that just keeps getting better all the time, and makes your job easier? Christopher Abel, Director of IT at Citizen Potawatomi Nation, will share his experience using Pure Storage FlashArray and Evergreen Storage to meet the IT needs of this large Native American tribe located in Oklahoma. For Chris, rethinking his storage ref… Learn More

  8. Eliminating Network Performance Visibility Gaps

    The expectation today is that critical applications and data will always be available and performing well. At many companies, the success of the business is predicated on that assumption. However, as IT Pros we know that, behind the scenes, achieving that "always-on" uptime and optimal performance is constant struggle. Problems can and frequently do pop up and, when they do, it's a constant gam… Learn More

  9. Cloud Strategies and Solutions

    With an ever-increasing number of cloud combinations, from private to public to hybrid to multi, it's no wonder that IT pros and decision makers constantly seek out new guidance around how to formulate a coherent cloud strategy. With so many cloud solutions available, the challenge for IT organization is how to find the RIGHT cloud solution to solve the unique challenges that they are facing in th… Learn More

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  10. Making Sense of Public, Private, Hybrid and Multicloud

    Learn More

  11. Selecting the Right SaaS Backup Tool

    Data Protection and Disaster Recovery are critical but traditionally too much time and money are wasted building and maintaining the DP/DR infrastructure when you should instead be investing in technology that makes a real difference for the bottom line. Thankfully, more and more Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based data protection and disaster recovery solutions are entering the market. With Saa… Read More

  12. The Future of Work is Now: How to Launch Your Remote Workforce with EUC

    End User Computing (EUC) has emerged as a crucial enabling technology for remote work, as it allows employees to work anywhere, anytime, and from any device. But many are still seeking straight answers about the risks and rewards of this approach, as well as practical advice on how to get started. Is it more or less secure than traditional desktops?… Learn More

  13. Cloud Control to Major Tom

    Hybrid cloud offers tremendous benefits around agility, scale, and potential cost reduction but without proper management and monitoring, you might feel like you're lost in space. On this educational event, you'll learn the most common hybrid cloud oddities to look out for and how to avoid them with special focus on cloud cost control. Join us to learn how to g… Learn More

  14. Data Protection, DRaaS, & Disaster Recovery

    In a recent survey, 51% of IT Pros said that their greatest fear when it comes to data protection is that they can't recover their data when they need to. In that same survey, 84% said that their data protection and disaster recovery solution needed improvement or would have to be replaced. And sadly, 71% indicated that they weren't confident that they were adequately protected from ransomware. Ar… Learn More

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  15. Why Companies Succeed — and Fail — With Containers

    Although containers (the virtual kind) have been around awhile, it still feels like they’re brand new. Contrast that with virtual machines, which have been in common usage for 15 years now. Will containers one day seem as mainstream as virtual machines? It’s hard to say, but there’s certainly a lot of momentum in that direction. Red Hat has been in the container business for about five… Read More

  16. Good DevOps, Part 3: Continuous Delivery and Deployment

    In the second blog in this series on DevOps, you’ve learned what continuous integration (CI) is and how it benefits an organization. The ability to commit code and have it built in a centralized location that all developers are committing to is the key to getting the code ready to use. But CI is just the beginning. How do you deploy the software to perform further testing, and finally deploy… Read More

  17. Doing More With Less Day: Highlighting Technologies that Help Boost IT Efficiency

    No matter where you work or what you do, IT Pros all have one thing in common and that's a lack of time. There's never enough time in the day to "keep the lights on" and innovate (much less time to enhance your skill set or keep up to date). In most cases, the root cause of this time shortage is all the time required to keep aging, complex, and inefficient hardware and software running. What's the… Learn More

  18. Key Trends in Data Storage, from Flash to HCI to Composable

    You need greater efficiency, agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness from your IT infrastructure. Legacy storage solutions just aren't cutting it anymore! What many IT Organizations don't know is that there are many different solutions available to solve these IT challenges! Modern flash storage, converged, hyperconverged and composable infrastructure solutions make your datacenter lean, m… Learn More

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  19. Mitigating Cyber Risk Through People

    The sophistication of malware has made quantum leaps over the past couple of years and many companies have begun implementing stronger internal security protocols to compensate. You’re securing the internal technology stack, but have you locked down the biggest threat vector of all - people. Why should IT advocate for security awareness training, and how? Learn More

  20. Good DevOps, Part 2: Continuous Integration

    So you’ve got all of your code stored in GitHub or some other source control system. That’s a great first step! But now you have another problem: you and your team have to remember to kick off some other routines once new code is checked in. You may have to run tests on that code and launch a build process that compiles the code, creates an artifact, and performs other mandatory tasks to get t… Read More