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  1. B2B Video Marketing: Your Actionable Guide For 2019

    In IT marketing, the company that’s able to cut through the noise with impactful content, wins. More than 90% of IT audiences say they consider video one of their preferred ways to learn about solutions that matter to them. How can you apply the most recent data on video marketing best practices and start speaking to IT decision makers with the right video approach? Read on... Read More

  2. Inks Partnership with Google Cloud to Transform Kubernetes Storage

    If you’re a developer in 2019, you’re aware of containers and if you’re aware of containers, you’re likely either using or considering using Kubernetes, the container orchestration platform that has quickly and handily won the container orchestration wars.  Created by Google, Kubernetes is an open source tool that enables organizations to automate and manage various aspects of their conta… Read More

  3. Disaster Recovery in the Cloud EcoCast

    When the inevitable disaster strikes your company, you need a disaster recovery plan AND the technology behind it to make sure it actually works. With ever changing infrastructures and applications, most IT organizations struggle to, not only keep their plan up to date, but to keep the disaster recovery infrastructure in sync with production, ensure that data is always protected, and periodically… Learn More

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  4. Predictability: The King of Infrastructure Outcomes

    Workload performance predictability is a critical consideration but does it run contrary to the current trend toward infrastructure simplification? I'll start by highlighting the two topics I'm discussing in this article: Simplicity: As organizations seek to redeploy IT talent to more business-facing needs, they are adopting technologies that promise simplicity, streamlined deployment, and… Read More

  5. Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day: A Live View

    9:35 AM: We're getting a bit of a late start. Bob Swan, Intel CEO, is giving us an introduction before the main event starts. He's discussing the transformation of Intel from a PC-centric company to a Data-centric one, which explains the name of today's event. Data-centric computing represents a $1.25T opportunity this year alone. It will only increase. Swan indicates that Intel continues… Read More

  6. Audience Q&A Event: Securing the Human Layer

    It’s common knowledge that humans are the leading cause of IT security incidents.  Whether accidental or intentional, a human-centric root cause lies at the center of literally every security incident. You can’t just eliminate all the humans, so security professionals are left to find reasonable measures to ensure that the human element of their organizations can act as a bulwark of securi… Learn More

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  7. Audience Q&A Event: Cloud Security 101

    “To the cloud” is simple in theory, but far more complex in practice, particularly as organizations seek to adopt multiple cloud platforms for different purposes.  Today, the hybrid cloud reigns supreme with multi-cloud coming quickly behind it.  These mash ups of public and private clouds raise brand new security concerns as well as a not-inconsequential level of uncertainty. We want to… Learn More

  8. End User Best Practices for Multi-Cloud Digital Workspaces

    As the consumption of public cloud services continue to grow, customers are embracing bimodal IT practices. Mode ONE encompasses well understood, predictable workloads – something that most people want to run in their datacenters -- while mode TWO explores innovation areas and elastic workloads – for which public cloud infrastructure is great. In essence, think of bi-modal like this: Wit… Learn More

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  9. How One IT Manager is Driving Digital Engagement Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    IT organizations have grown accustomed to traditional IT infrastructure and virtualization technology that requires care, feeding and large budgets. Sadly, this keeps them focused on the speeds and feeds and not on what matters most – business outcomes and customer experiences. Join us to hear how Faisal Jawaid, IT Manager at TELUS Spark, a leading science museum in Calgary, CA, rose above th… Learn More

  10. Converged, Hyperconverged, Composable Infrastructure, Integrated Platforms Megacast

    Do you struggle with datacenter complexity? Does it take too long to provision new applications? Do you have an aging storage infrastructure? If you're looking to similfy your datacenter operations, reduce complexity, and   increase your company's datacenter ROI - this event is for you! Hyperconvergence, convergence, composable infrastructure, and integrated platforms are making vastly simplif… Learn More

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  11. Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) 101

    When it comes to the desktop, there’s tremendous interest in the rapidly-emerging managed desktop market, commonly known as ‘Desktop-as-a-Service’ or DaaS. In fact, in the 2018 Gartner Market Guide, Gartner states that 50% of new VDI seats will be deployed on DaaS. Organizations without the CapEx or highly-specialized and certified staff to deploy and manage VDI properly are looking fo… Learn More

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  12. Application Awareness with the Power to Take Action

    Managing and securing a network often feels like navigating a ship in a turbulent storm at night. You hear thunder and see brief flashes of reality when lightning strikes, but you never really know when the next wave or hazard will appear. You need a way to permanently illuminate the path forward to avoid peril and to discover previously undiscovered lands. As is the case for a ship on the high… Learn More

  13. How One CIO Succeeded in Disaster-Proofing his Data in the Cloud

    Imagine that you're responsible for a massive construction project and you just lost your data due to a disaster. Blueprints? Gone. Timelines? Gone. Drinks? Might be time for one! Losing your data is a reality that every company faces—construction is no exception. That's why Egan Company—a leading specialty trades contractor in Minnesota, unsatisfied with their previous backup products (Com… Learn More

  14. Secondary Storage EcoCast

    We spend a lot of time stressing about the data for our critial applications and, while important, did you know that over 80% of the data in your datacenter is considered secondary data? This secondary data is comprised of archival data, backup data, logging data, test/dev datasets, and more. Inefficient and expensive to keep around, secondary data consumes a tremendous amount of capacity, is diff… Learn More

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  15. Two Critical Video Marketing Data Points IT Marketers Need to See

    Smart IT marketers get it: video is a huge part of the future of technical marketing. We asked our audience of IT pros and decision makers what kind of video they find useful so that our clients can invest in the kind of video marketing that actually works. The results may surprise you… Read More

  16. 048 – There’s No Such Thing As ‘Zero Risk’

    “Risk Management” needs to be more than a slogan, if you want to protect your most valuable assets: it needs to be a mindset. It needs to be a way of life for your organization. To that end, consider the warning of Vijay Chauhan, Sr. Director of Product Marketing for Illumio, that a risk-free environment doesn’t exist. The conversation then becomes about managing that risk, Chauhan tells… Listen Now

  17. PanelCast - Migrating to the Cloud

    You're not alone. IT pros consistently tell us they're interested in migrating to the cloud but very concerned about the challenges and gotchas they could face. On this brand-new ActualTech Media PanelCast, we're bringing together leading experts on cloud migration to answer your pre-submitted and live questions about migrating to the cloud and how you can protect yourself from unwelcome surpri… Read More

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  18. Data Management EcoCast

    The term "Data Management" is taking on a much broader definition as visionary vendors look for ways to help their customers operate more effectively and efficiently. Today's data management encompasses features that help organizations better understand their data, its purpose, its location, and more. As data management becomes more sophisticated, additional capabilities are being introduced. A… Learn More

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  19. 047 - IT Changes: It Doesn’t Mean Your Job Is Going Away

    IT moves fast. That’s not news. But these days, it seems to be moving faster than ever. Where it’s going, and what it means for your career, is a question that needs answers. That’s why this episode of “10 on Tech” features one of the industry’s most knowledgeable analysts, Wikibon’s Stu Miniman. Stu chats with ActualTech Media Partner James Green about the natural fear that IT em… Listen Now

  20. The Top 10 Reasons You Need to Be Presenting on MegaCast & EcoCast Webinars

    In the last four years, over 100 different vendors have presented on MegaCasts and EcoCasts multi-vendor webinars from ActualTech Media. Here's the 10 biggest reasons they keep coming back to present on event after event? See the 10 reasons here... Read More