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  1. 2015 State of SMB IT Infrastructure Survey Results

    ActualTech Media surveyed 1,227 technologists in early 2015 as a part of our State of SMB IT Infrastructure Survey. The responses to this very popular survey yielded some surprising results! Download Now

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  2. 2015 State of Virtualization and Storage Management — Survey Results

    Read on to discover the state of virtualization and storage management in the data center as of 2015. Download Now

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  3. 2017 State of Storage in Virtuallization

    For the second year, Tegile has partnered with ActualTech Media to research how storage and virtualization trends track with one another and how respondents view technologies such as VMware’s VVols. With responses from more than 700 IT pros and IT leaders, you will discover the applications and storage characteristics that are important today and how respondents’ thoughts have shifted over the… Download Now

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  4. 2016 State of Storage in Virtualization

    With the rise of viable flash storage, entire new markets are being created and led by this technology. Download Now

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