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  1. Spring Summit: Supercharging IT

    The world is constantly changing and now more than ever, already pushed-to-the-brink IT departments are being called upon to help their organizations continue their transformation efforts, to reshape the end user computing experience, and to ensure that IT is secure, compliant, and financially sustainable. Legacy approaches to modern problems may still have a place, but as IT leaders and professio… Learn More

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  2. Simplifying Management with VMware vRealize Operations Extensibility

    One of the fundamental truths of enterprise IT is that management tool consolidation improves operational efficiency. It’s easier for an IT pro to use a single solution to collectively monitor all of their applications and infrastructure/cloud resources than to take a piecemeal approach to monitoring by using a variety of different tools. Of course, providing comprehensive management capabili… Read More

  3. Monitoring Your Applications with VMware vRealize Operations

    One of most compelling features of VMware vRealize Operations is its ability to monitor both operating systems and applications such as Microsoft Exchange, MySQL, and Oracle WebLogic Server. VMware vRealize Operations uses application metrics to help identify conditions that might eventually lead to a health or performance issue. The real question, however, is what to do when such conditions are d… Read More

  4. Why It’s Time to Consider VMware vRealize Operations Cloud

    vRealize Operations has long been the go-to solution for managing VMware environments, and more recently, far beyond just the VMware estate, as well. In the last year, VMware has begun offering vRealize Operations as a SaaS solution, running in the cloud. The question is, which version of vRealize Operations should you use to manage your own organization? Comparing the Two Solutions When it come… Read More

  5. Using vRealize Operations to Gain Insight into Your Kubernetes Environment

    Not all that long ago, most organizations focused their management efforts on virtual machines (VMs) and the supporting infrastructure. Today, VMs are only half the story. In addition to managing VMs, organizations also need to be able to manage containers. vRealize Operations is an ideal management solution for organizations that leverage a VMware-based infrastructure. In addition to its abili… Read More

  6. Solutions for VMware and Virtual Environments -- LIVE During VMWORLD

    Virtualization powers the modern workload environment, a scenario unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.  Organizations around the world need to continually seek solutions that help to enable, enhance, and expand these environments to ensure robustness and reliability while reducing cost and complexity. Join ActualTech Media as we meet with some of the world's most influential supporter… Learn More

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  7. HPE Wants to SaaSify All the Clouds

    Will you be satisfied if everything is SaaSified?  You’ll eventually be able to find out thanks to HPE’s GreenLake.  HPE GreenLake is a service from HPE that enables a consumption-based model for the services offered under the program.  As time goes on HPE is adding more products and services to the GreenLake portfolio, which also supports helping organizations adopt hybrid cloud solutions… Read More

  8. Optimizing your Virtual Environment

    Most virtual environements were installed quite a few years ago and, typically, much isn't done around optimization. Over time, isn't common to experience growing pains around scalability, performance, capacity, disaster recovery, and data protection. Additionally, since the virtual environment was originally designed, there have been tremendous improvements in all of these areas - things that wer… Learn More

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  9. Building a Next Generation Data Center EcoCast

    As organizations continue their digital transformation efforts, their datacenter environments will also need to undergo continuous transformation to keep pace with the organizational shifts. Even more challenging, the entire concept of the “datacenter” itself is undergoing its own transformation as organizations continue their hybrid and multi-cloud endeavors that augment their on-premises sys… Learn More

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  10. Free eBook: The Gorilla Guide to... VMware vRealize Operations by vExpert, David M Davis

    After publishing over 50 blog posts on VMware vRealize Operations Manager and after working with the solution for 3+ years, I decided to consolidate that knowledge into a book. My hope is that, out of this book, many more IT Professionals can learn the value of VMware vRealize Operations, its ease of use, and how it can help them to transform their IT operations. The new Gorilla Guide to... VMw… Read More

  11. VMworld 2018 Highlights Seven Key 2018 Tech Trends

    The annual virtualization confab will feature many of IT trends for 2018—containers, 5G and edge computing— that are critical for IT managers to consider. It’s been said that IT infrastructure isn’t sexy anymore. Many in the technology industry now regard the application layer as the hotspot for innovation and agility. But over the past several years, IT infrastructure has helped drive… Read More

  12. Virtualization Optimization EcoCast

    Virtualization may have done more to change the data center than any other data center technology in recent history. With it came increased utilization and consolidation, increased availability and recovery capabilities, operational efficiency, and for many adopters, decreased costs. Despite these dramatic improvements, virtualization also introduced some unforeseen challenges. Virtualization g… Learn More

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  13. Interview with VMware's Mahesh Kumar: Drastically Reducing the Time to Value of Cloud Management

    The ActualTech Media RoadCast is an ongoing series of short videos wherein ActualTech Media technologists hit the road to discuss the current state of enterprise IT with industry experts around the world. In this video, the team interviews Mahesh Kumar from VMware. Watch Now

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  14. The Definitive Guide to Virtualization Management Software

    Understanding, Analyzing, and Selecting the Best Virtualization Management Features and Software Download Now

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  15. 2015 State of SMB IT Infrastructure Survey Results

    ActualTech Media surveyed 1,227 technologists in early 2015 as a part of our State of SMB IT Infrastructure Survey. The responses to this very popular survey yielded some surprising results! Download Now

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  16. 2015 State of Virtualization and Storage Management — Survey Results

    Read on to discover the state of virtualization and storage management in the data center as of 2015. Download Now

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  17. Solving the Five Most Common VMware Virtual Machine Issues

    Based on the analysis of several million virtual machines by opvizor, it’s likely that you have already experienced, or will soon experience, one or more of the most common virtual machine issues. Rather than struggling to solve these issues (and possibly cause downtime in the process) why not solve these issues before they ever happen? In this whitepaper, you will learn about the top five most… Download Now

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  18. The Cure For The Seven Deadly Desktop Management Pain Points

    Virtualization Technologies Are Transforming Desktop Management and Reshaping the Desktop Administrator’s Role Download Now

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  19. 2017 State of Storage in Virtuallization

    For the second year, Tegile has partnered with ActualTech Media to research how storage and virtualization trends track with one another and how respondents view technologies such as VMware’s VVols. With responses from more than 700 IT pros and IT leaders, you will discover the applications and storage characteristics that are important today and how respondents’ thoughts have shifted over the… Download Now

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  20. 2016 State of Storage in Virtualization

    With the rise of viable flash storage, entire new markets are being created and led by this technology. Download Now

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