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  1. Crafting an Innovative IT Blueprint:

    As we journey further into a decade that’s already been riddled with change, it’s clear that technology is taking an increasingly center stage in most environments. As such, you have a lot to consider as you evaluate the constant onslaught of new and potentially transformational hardware and software services. Whether you’re reacting to a sudden spike in unprecedented security in… Learn More

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  2. PanelCast - How Data is Changing the Face of IT

    It's said that ""data is the new gold"" and that we in IT have become the data miners, or at least the data caretakers. It's our job to make sure that our company's data is always available, protected, secure, and highly performant. However, with massively growing distributed datasets and malicious attackers trying to steal our ransom our company's data, proper care and feeding of our company's da… Read More

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  3. Solutions for State and Local Government and Education EcoCast

    The IT organizations that make up state, local government, and educational institutions have unique requirements and regulations that traditional commercial organizations aren't hampered by. From unique IT budgeting to strict compliance, ""SLED"" organizations are constantly forced to maximize every IT resource in their complex IT environments. On Wednesday, June 12th we're covering what you ne… Learn More

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  4. Interview with Don Slanec of New Relic on the Best Way to Understand Your Digital Business at #ETS17

    The ActualTech Media RoadCast is an ongoing series of short videos wherein ActualTech Media technologists hit the road to discuss the current state of enterprise IT with industry experts around the world. In this video, the team attended the Emerging Technology Summit (2017) hosted by DeltaWare Data Solutions. David Davis, Partner at ActualTech Media, interviews Don Slanec from New Relic. Watch Now

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  5. The Business Benefits of Data Efficiency

    As is the case with many popular technologies, there are new entrants into the market all the time. Although many vendors provide compelling products in this space, SimpliVity has taken their solution to a whole new level through their Data Virtualization Engine. A core feature of the Data Virtualization Engine is data efficiency — the focus of this paper. Download Now

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  6. Building an Agile Infrastructure for DevOps

    Enterprise IT is in the throes of a fundamental transformation from a careful builder of infrastructure that supports core enterprise applications to a lean and lively developer of business-enabling applications powered by infrastructures. This is referred to as bi-modal IT. This metamorphosis of IT is made possible by leveraging software-based automation and programmable units of infrastructure. Download Now

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  7. 007 - David Klee - To the Cloud and Back Again

    David Klee (@kleegeek) joins ActualTech Media to discuss the difficulties with moving to the cloud. David's professional services organization, Heraflux Technologies, helps customers evaluate and perform things like a cloud migration, and David has a unique perspective on what makes it work or not work, and what makes it worth it or not worth it. Listen Now

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  8. What you don’t know about your 3rd party scripts can hurt you!

    Did you know that a typical web page today can contain upward of 75 third-party scripts? Your web site is probably one of — in not the — primary revenue drivers in your company. But do you know what’s really happening to your visitors? If you have third party components on your site, how do you manage the risk and the ROI of the tools provided by these parties? Join the discussion with We… Learn More

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  9. Docker & Containers 101

    You’ve heard about Containers, right? We all need to be using them, right? But, what are they? What is Docker? And, without spending a month or buying an expensive training course, what do you REALLY need to know? Here’s your chance to get started learning about one of the hottest technologies and companies around – Docker Containers – from Author Nigel Poulton! In this webinar, moderat… Learn More

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  10. Understanding Machine Learning Analytics

    As virtual environments continue to grow in size and complexity – a new approach is needed to get fast, accurate solutions to difficult problems in these dynamic environments. Join this webinar to learn how unique machine learning technology – topological behavior analysis – is being used to visualize the complex relationships between objects and issues so you can pinpoint the root cause… Learn More

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