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  1. Security Best Practices for the Modern Digital Workspace

    The stark reality is that enterprises face serious challenges due to the lack of Security Ops expertise. They need to improve how they govern their data while, at the same time, their workforce is increasingly mobile, introducing all sorts of risk. Employees use various devices to access company data and they often do so from less-than-secure locations. These are the very security challenges th… Learn More

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  2. End User Best Practices for Multi-Cloud Digital Workspaces

    As the consumption of public cloud services continue to grow, customers are embracing bimodal IT practices. Mode ONE encompasses well understood, predictable workloads – something that most people want to run in their datacenters -- while mode TWO explores innovation areas and elastic workloads – for which public cloud infrastructure is great. In essence, think of bi-modal like this: Wit… Learn More

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  3. Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) 101

    When it comes to the desktop, there’s tremendous interest in the rapidly-emerging managed desktop market, commonly known as ‘Desktop-as-a-Service’ or DaaS. In fact, in the 2018 Gartner Market Guide, Gartner states that 50% of new VDI seats will be deployed on DaaS. Organizations without the CapEx or highly-specialized and certified staff to deploy and manage VDI properly are looking fo… Learn More

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