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  1. Spring Summit: Supercharging IT

    The world is constantly changing and now more than ever, already pushed-to-the-brink IT departments are being called upon to help their organizations continue their transformation efforts, to reshape the end user computing experience, and to ensure that IT is secure, compliant, and financially sustainable. Legacy approaches to modern problems may still have a place, but as IT leaders and professio… Learn More

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  2. Practical Ransomware Protections for Higher Education

    In today’s enterprise data centers there exists an inflection point in how we traditionally secure infrastructure and applications and how those applications need to be secured to take advantage of Multi/Hybrid cloud consumption model we now experience. Zero Trust Architecture concepts were developed in order to help guide this transition to a architecture type in support of lowered risk thro… Learn More

    • Data Protection/DR/DRaaS
    • Ransomware
    • SLED
  3. Secure Data and Infrastructure:

    Every day, the news has stories of yet more victims that have fallen to ransomware foes. Most can recover whether by paying an exorbitant Bitcoin ransom or spending weeks pulling data from hopefully uncompromised backups, but many simply cease to exist and countless more suffer massive reputational, financial, and operational impact. The stark reality is that you need both a ransomware avoidanc… Learn More

    • Data Protection
    • Data Protection/DR/DRaaS
  4. Microsoft Teams Backup:

    Microsoft Teams is now the center of our productivity universe — but should you back it up? Although Teams has its own basic retention, it does not fully protect against user error or security threats, nor does it enable long-term retention for compliance or regulatory purposes. With the rush to deploy Teams, many organizations still do not understand the what, why and how of protecting this cri… Learn More

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    • Remote Workforce
  5. How To Simplify Data Protection For Workloads On AWS

    The explosive growth of cloud workloads has created a decentralized environment, leaving IT teams vulnerable to data protection gaps. Therefore Cloud Architects are tasked to address issues such as unmanaged data, mitigating data loss, compliance, and rising storage costs. In this webinar, we will explore powerful tips to achieving comprehensive data protection for AWS native workloads, includi… Learn More

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    • Data Protection/DR/DRaaS
  6. Phish Stories:

    Second generation phishing attacks are moving faster than defenses. Automation and AI are increasing the speed and success of these phishing attacks. Leveraging legitimate infrastructure and matching data to build detailed lists of targets increases their success. What was once spray and pray bulk phishing attacks are now mass quantities of highly target spear-phishing attacks. Learn More

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    • Data Protection/DR/DRaaS
    • Ransomware
  7. Enabling Backup & Recovery Best Practices in 2021

    No longer is data protection a service relegated to the back room. Today, conversations about recoverability take place everywhere, from employee desks to IT to the C-suite and even the board room. Each year, as backup and recovery gains additional prominence and capability, it also become more operationalized and permeates every aspect of the organization. With the rise In prominence, permeati… Learn More

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    • Data Protection/DR/DRaaS