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  1. Balancing Load, Capacity, and Throughput Across Your File Storage Environment

    IT departments often have multiple file storage systems, but storage isn’t distributed equally across them. If one filer is full while others sit nearly empty, it’s not an issue of negligence on the part of IT administrators: Capacity-balancing a fleet of filers has traditionally been difficult, and the methods for doing so have been complex and cumbersome. DataCore vFilO software-defined stor… Read More

  2. Streamlining Placement of Scattered Data on File and Object Storage

    Many organizations have data stored in a wide range of locations on a distributed infrastructure. There can be good reasons for this, but it can also cause chaos. Everyone wants high-throughput, low-latency access to the files they need. They want those files to be easy to find, and they want all of their grouped files in the same place, just as they’ve always been. Unfortunately, these desires… Read More

  3. The Importance of Achieving and Maintaining GDPR Compliance

    In 2016, the European Union (EU) passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This set of regulatory requirements, which went into effect in May 2018, is designed to help citizens of the EU to regain control over how their personal data is used. At the same time, though, the regulation imposes strict data governance and protection requirements, and imposes draconian consequences for non-c… Read More

  4. Seamlessly Manage Your Hybrid Cloud Environment

    Across datacenters worldwide, cloud conversations have changed dramatically over the last few years. Five years ago, the only way organizations could start new projects quickly or instantly deploy applications was to leverage the public cloud. While this offered many benefits, it also created some new challenges. One of the biggest involved managing applications deployed in different locations. W… Read More

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  5. LucidLink Makes the Cloud Primary Storage for Your On-Prem Applications

    [su_note note_color="#ededed"]This is part of a continuing series of briefing reports with solution providers. It is not intended to be a comprehensive product review, but rather an overview of what the vendor brings to the market, and a snapshot of their value proposition at the time ActualTech Media was briefed.[/su_note] There’s nothing new about cloud-based storage-as-a-service. Anyone wh… Read More

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  6. Interview with Andrew Miller of Rubrik on Ransomware and Modern Data Protection at #ETS17

    The ActualTech Media RoadCast is an ongoing series of short videos wherein ActualTech Media technologists hit the road to discuss the current state of enterprise IT with industry experts around the world. In this video, the team attended the Emerging Technology Summit (2017) hosted by DeltaWare Data Solutions. David Davis, Partner at ActualTech Media, interviews Andrew Miller from Rubrik at #ETS17… Watch Now

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  7. Get Your Data Under Control in 5 Steps

    Across every industry vertical and without regard for organization size, there is one fact that remains true: the data deluge is upon us. The much-ballyhooed “Big Data” phenomenon that prognosticators have warned about is here. Whether or not you’re a believer in the transformational power of data, it’s hard to ignore the fact that organizations are simply drowning in data. Download Now

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  8. 2016 Disaster Recovery as a Service Attitudes & Adoption Report

    Although disaster recovery is not likely to be listed by many IT professionals as their favorite data center topic, the fact remains that it’s a vital consideration in the greater data center strategy. A robust disaster recovery strategy can be the difference between surviving the roller coaster of modern business and closing up shop when disaster strikes. Download Now

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  9. 2015 Disaster Recovery as a Service Attitudes & Adoption Report

    The results of this survey are compiled and analyzed in this report. Here, you will learn how your peers are handling disaster recovery and be able to compare your own processes and procedures. You will also learn how Infrascale can help you tackle even the most challenging disaster recovery needs and achieve 15-minute enterprise-class disaster recovery for your own organization. Download Now

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