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  1. 048 – There’s No Such Thing As ‘Zero Risk’

    “Risk Management” needs to be more than a slogan, if you want to protect your most valuable assets: it needs to be a mindset. It needs to be a way of life for your organization. To that end, consider the warning of Vijay Chauhan, Sr. Director of Product Marketing for Illumio, that a risk-free environment doesn’t exist. The conversation then becomes about managing that risk, Chauhan tells… Listen Now

  2. 047 - IT Changes: It Doesn’t Mean Your Job Is Going Away

    IT moves fast. That’s not news. But these days, it seems to be moving faster than ever. Where it’s going, and what it means for your career, is a question that needs answers. That’s why this episode of “10 on Tech” features one of the industry’s most knowledgeable analysts, Wikibon’s Stu Miniman. Stu chats with ActualTech Media Partner James Green about the natural fear that IT em… Listen Now

  3. 046 – ‘We’re Not Getting Better’ When it Comes to Application Security

    The central idea behind DevOps is speed: the speed of development, and the speed of delivering and integrating that software into the organization’s operations. This is a good thing. But of course, it’s not all good. As Joseph Feiman of WhiteHat Security says, “With DevOps, developers are introducing even more vulnerabilities than before.” He says the application security posture isn’… Listen Now

  4. 045 – Getting to Public Cloud Doesn’t Have to Hurt

    You probably realize that moving part or all of your IT operations to the public cloud isn’t easy. But even with that understanding, it’s still harder than you think. That’s why Root Level Technology exists, and they’re our guests on this edition of “10 on Tech.” Root Level Technology CTO Eric Fouarge talks with ActualTech Media’s James Green about the advantages of public cloud,… Listen Now

  5. 044 – Dynamic Networks Require Dynamic Security

    IT infrastructure has changed dramatically over the years. Data centers are no longer castles surrounded by moats that are entirely self-contained and shut off from the outside world. And that means the ways of securing the castle have to change, too. Faraz Aladin, Head of Technical Product Marketing at Illumio, talks with ActualTech Media Partner James Green about those changes in this episode… Listen Now

  6. 043 – Getting Fox Sports Connected

    There’s no doubt that computing is moving rapidly to the edge – this is the idea behind the Internet of Things, as well as increasing use of mobile and branch networks. One area you may not have thought of is the infrastructure necessary to run a live sports show. SD-WAN vendor Cradlepoint provides that infrastructure for Fox Sports. Cradlepoint CMO Todd Krautkremer discusses how his compan… Listen Now

  7. 042 – Career Advice From the CTO Advisor

    Keith Townsend is one of the most prominent members of the IT community, with a long and varied background spanning multiple years and many job roles. Having recently joined VMware, he’s now added “vendor employee” to his list of titles. In this episode of “10 on Tech,” ActualTech Media Partner James Green chats with Keith about IT careers. Keith also discusses VMware’s changing rol… Listen Now

  8. 041 – Hands-Off Data Center Infrastructure

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  9. 040 – Ransomware and the Cloud: A Deadly Combination

    Time was, the chief disasters that worried IT were natural disasters – things like fires, floods, earthquakes and tornados. In other words, you had to worry about your on-premises data center going down. But that’s changing, as more pieces of your data center move offsite. With Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) becoming more common, the ways you protect your data have to evolve. That’s e… Listen Now

  10. 039 - ‘Hyperconverged Kubernetes’? Yes, It’s a Thing

    You’re probably used to the idea of hyperconvergence as it’s applied to storage, servers and networking. But you’re probably not aware that the principles of hyperconvergence can be applied to Kubernetes! This episode of “10 on Tech” teases out that concept. ActualTech Media’s James Green talks with Robin Systems CEO Premal Buch about “hyperconverged Kubernetes,” and how it can… Listen Now

  11. 038 - Doing More – Much More – With Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    Hyperconverged infrastructure, also known as HCI, used to be thought of as appliances that basically brought together storage, compute and networking into a single box. But that definition, and the way of doing HCI in general, is changing. That’s the focus of this “10 on Tech” podcast, which features a discussion with Maxta Founder and CEO Yoram Novick. ActualTech Media’s James Green as… Listen Now

  12. 037 - Cray-Z Performance: Storage for HPC

    When you think of Cray and computing, images of gigantic supercomputers are likely to spring to mind. With good reason: Cray is all about extreme performance at extreme scale. On this week’s “10 on Tech” podcast, Cray discusses how storage is the key to what they do. Mark Wiertalla, Marketing Director at Cray Inc., talks with ActualTech Media Partner James Green about the special storage… Listen Now

  13. 036 - Who’s Your Cloud Daddy? Secure Backup on Amazon Web Services

    There are three critical pillars of data protection: backup, restore and disaster recovery. But when it comes to protecting your data in the cloud, advanced security countermeasures and infrastructure management become part of the holistic solution. That’s what Cloud Daddy CEO Joe Merces and ActualTech Media Partner James Green discuss in this “10 on Tech” podcast. Highlights of the show… Listen Now

  14. 035 - Tear It Down, Build It Up: Software Composable Infrastructure (w/DriveScale)

    “We can do for clusters what VMware did for servers.” It's a bold claim, but that’s what DriveScale aims for, and they’re our guest on this week’s episode of the “10 on Tech” podcast from ActualTech Media. DriveScale Founder and Chief Scientist Tom Lyon, along with CTO Brian Pawlowski, discuss why software composable infrastructure is the future of computing. They chat with Actual… Listen Now

  15. 034 - Deploying Reliable Storage in Crazy Environments (w/ Cory Stuart)

    In this new episode of the 10 on Tech podcast, James Green and Scott D. Lowe of ActualTech Media interview Cory Stuart of Argonne National Laboratory about data storage for the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program. Cory has some very unique challenges with his data center deployments, and found a solution in Nexsan Unity™ systems. In this interview, Scott and James dig in to some of the fin… Listen Now

  16. 033 - Crafting IT Resilience in a Multi-Cloud World (w/ Zerto)

    You need IT resilience: the ability to withstand outages and disruptions and keep IT services humming along. And the cloud helps immensely there. If you can figure it out, that is. In this new episode of the 10 on Tech podcast, James Green of ActualTechMedia interviews Rob Strechay of Zerto (@RealStrech) about ways to do that. It’s not as scary as you think it is – promise. In this inter… Listen Now

  17. 032 - Don't Drown In The Data Lake (w/ WhereScape)

    Every organization wants to leverage the value of their data. The question isn’t, “should we start getting a handle on this massive trove of information?”, but rather, “how do we even get started? It’s so complicated!” After all, there’s so much data locked away in so many locations and disparate systems. It’s enough to intimidate the most seasoned of admins. That’s what this… Listen Now

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  18. 031 - Storage So Fast It'll Make Your Head Spin (w/ Julie Herd)

    In this new episode of the 10 on Tech podcast, James Green of ActualTech Media interviews E8 Storage Director of Technical Marketing Julie Herd about E8 Storage, and how NVMe is disrupting the storage industry. NVMe isn’t exactly new to the market, but many still know very little or nothing about it. But if you have apps or workloads that need maximum performance at the lowest latency, you need… Listen Now

  19. 030 - Kubernetes Is Driving the Need for Persistent Container Storage (w/ Alex Chircop)

    In this new episode of the 10 on Tech podcast, David Davis and James Green of ActualTech Media interview Alex Chircop (@chira001) of StorageOS (@Storage_OS) about the adoption of container storage. In this interview, you’ll learn about: Why container storage is important in the industry today How the standardization around Kubernetes drives the adoption of container storage. The use… Listen Now

  20. 029 - Ken Hosac of Cradlepoint and the 2018 State of IoT Report

    In this new episode of the 10 on Tech podcast, James Green and Scott Lowe of ActualTech Media interview VP of IoT Strategies and Business development at Cradlepoint, Ken Hosac (@KenHosac) about Cradlepoint and their 2018 State of IoT Report that they did in conjunction with Spiceworks. In this interview, you’ll learn about: Pushback received from IT concerning security and bandwidth when i… Listen Now

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