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  1. HPE Wants to SaaSify All the Clouds

    Will you be satisfied if everything is SaaSified?  You’ll eventually be able to find out thanks to HPE’s GreenLake.  HPE GreenLake is a service from HPE that enables a consumption-based model for the services offered under the program.  As time goes on HPE is adding more products and services to the GreenLake portfolio, which also supports helping organizations adopt hybrid cloud solutions… Read More

  2. 360in180: Scale Computing Goes Small to Get Big with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    There’s an interesting strategy at play in the world of hyperconverged infrastructure from Scale Computing. Whereas a lot of its competitors are looking to go big in all things, Scale's looking to go big by going small.   I had the opportunity to talk to Scale about a recent announcement. This was an announcement about what is basically a smaller appliance that the company has recently release… Read More

  3. Inks Partnership with Google Cloud to Transform Kubernetes Storage

    If you’re a developer in 2019, you’re aware of containers and if you’re aware of containers, you’re likely either using or considering using Kubernetes, the container orchestration platform that has quickly and handily won the container orchestration wars.  Created by Google, Kubernetes is an open source tool that enables organizations to automate and manage various aspects of their conta… Read More

  4. Top 10 Things You Need to Know About NVMe Devices

    Non-Volatile Memory express (NVMe) devices are now mainstream. They are no longer considered exotic, and, as such, they have a wide variety of use cases. A year ago, Micron supplied me with a couple of enterprise NVMe devices, and I have been using them in my vSphere servers as cache devices and for primary storage without encountering a single issue: they have been rock solid, and my colleague… Read More

  5. What’s New With Illumio: Security Without Infrastructure Dependencies

    It’s been a little bit over three years since Illumio emerged from stealth with its Adaptive Security Platform (ASP), which leverages micro-segmentation to offer security with granular visibility across data center and cloud environments. If you're new to micro-segmentation or Illumio, check out A Look At Illumio's Adaptive Security Platform for a good starting point and watch our VMworld 2016 v… Read More

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  6. Interview with Drew Milles of Diamanti on Hyperconverged Storage for Containers at #ETS17

    The ActualTech Media RoadCast is an ongoing series of short videos wherein ActualTech Media technologists hit the road to discuss the current state of enterprise IT with industry experts around the world. In this video, the team attended the Emerging Technology Summit (2017) hosted by DeltaWare Data Solutions. David Davis, Partner at ActualTech Media, interviews Drew Milles from Diamanti. Watch Now

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  7. 029 - Ken Hosac of Cradlepoint and the 2018 State of IoT Report

    In this new episode of the 10 on Tech podcast, James Green and Scott Lowe of ActualTech Media interview VP of IoT Strategies and Business development at Cradlepoint, Ken Hosac (@KenHosac) about Cradlepoint and their 2018 State of IoT Report that they did in conjunction with Spiceworks. In this interview, you’ll learn about: Pushback received from IT concerning security and bandwidth when i… Listen Now

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  9. Hyperconvergence And Its Effect on IT

    This paper addresses both sets of challenges to help IT practitioners feel comfortable while modernizing their datacenter with hyperconverged infrastructure. Download Now

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  10. The Versatility of Hyperconvergence In Any Data Center

    This paper will posit that as the technology to support the architecture has grown to maturity, hyperconverged infrastructure is a fit for all but the most specialized and unique data centers. For most use cases, hyperconvergence in it’s current state of maturity is a viable option for data center architecture. Download Now

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  11. The True Cost of Ownership in a Legacy Infrastructure

    In this paper, you’ll learn about some of the factors influence the operational cost of maintaining a legacy infrastructure. You’ll learn that maintaining a legacy infrastructure can, in fact, be prohibitively expensive. You’ll then learn about some of the ways that a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) paradigm can reduce the operational cost of maintaining an IT infrastructure. Download Now

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  12. 2016 State of Hyperconverged Infrastructure - Channel Insights

    Hyperconverged infrastructure support from the channel community is robust. Seventy-two percent (72%) of polled channel respondents are currently supporting hyperconverged infrastructure in some way. There are a number of key observations that we have gleaned from our survey of almost 250 channel and service providers worldwide. Download Now

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  13. 2016 State of Hyperconverged Infrastructure - APJ Insights

    Hyperconverged infrastructure is gaining major traction and attention in both midmarket companies as well as the enterprise. For our 2016 APJ Insights into this growing market, we learned the following. Download Now

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  14. 2016 State of Hyperconverged Infrastructure - EMEA Insights

    Hyperconverged infrastructure is gaining major traction and attention in both midmarket companies as well as the enterprise. For our 2016 EMEA Insights into this growing market, here are the results. Download Now

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  15. 2016 State of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    ActualTech Media surveyed nearly 1,100 technology professionals and members of organizational management in order to gauge people’s understanding of hyperconvergence, as well as how the market is adopting such solutions. Download Now

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  16. Hyperconverged Infrastructure in the Modern Enterprise - Summary

    We sought to learn about people's existing datacenter challenges, how they feel about emerging technologies, such as hyperconverged infrastructure and software defined storage. Download Now

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  17. Hyperconverged Infrastructure in the Modern Enterprise - Use cases

    We further sought to learn about the respondent feelings around cloud computing, both public and private. Download Now

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  18. Hyperconverged Infrastructure in the Modern Enterprise

    Hyperconverged Infrastructure is a technology growing in popularity even as people struggle to figure out what exactly it can do, what it can't do, and just how it impacts the IT organization. Download Now

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  19. From the Field: Software Defined Storage and Hyperconverged Infrastructure in 2016

    With great interest in these technologies, we sought to understand what businesses think of each. To that end, we surveyed more than 1,200 IT professionals and business decision makers to get their thoughts around these technologies and how adopters are using them. This report is the culmination of that effort. We provide herein an analyses of the total population as well as breakdowns by vertical… Download Now

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  20. 2015 State of Hyperconverged Infrastructure Market

    ActualTech Media’s goal is to understand the top challenges organizations face regarding IT infrastructure and service delivery, and how hyperconverged infrastructure addresses these challenges. Download Now

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