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  1. Security Master Class Series:

    Real data protection is harder to come by these days than most IT teams might think. As ransomware attacks become more pervasive, legacy vendors have scrambled to cobble together tighter security measures for their backup and recovery solutions, often adopting a band-aid approach to keep up with an evolving market. Conversely, Rubrik delivers real data protection from the inside out with a data… Learn More

  2. How To Get Visibility Into Team Productivity

    Most managers would agree that assessing team productivity is a challenge, and coming up with ways to improve productivity can be a guessing game at best. But, that doesn’t have to be the case. With ActivTrak, you can quickly and easily understand how your employees get work done and identify ways to improve productivity. Join this product demo webcast and learn how you can use ActivTrak! We… Learn More

  3. Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do With New Veeam Backup & Replication v11

    Learn More

  4. Open-Source Database Performance Monitoring

    As the popularity of open-source databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB grows, so does the need for “enterprise-class” performance monitoring and tuning solutions. More and more companies now choose to run these databases as the backbone of their business-critical applications, and they need to ensure they’re optimized and running 24/7. SolarWinds® Database Performance… Learn More

  5. Protecting your Microsoft 365 Environment

    Adoption of SaaS applications like Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is quickly growing, and collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams are being adopted at unprecedented rates, which means that bulk of critical communication, data and productivity is now being stored and created in Microsoft 365 applications. Additionally there has been a rapid transition to a remote workforce – in many cases 10… Learn More

  6. The Business Need for Modern Data Protection

    With an alarming rate of cyber-attacks and data breaches over the past year, organizations are prioritizing their data protection strategies. Being able to protect and access data reliably, means they are securing their business; it means business continuity, preventing financial loses, and upholding brand reputation and consumer confidence. Business and IT leaders understand that data security an… Learn More

  7. Future-Proofing Your Cloud Data Management

    A lot can change in a year. As companies modernize their IT strategies and adopt cloud faster than ever, smart data management solutions must help thwart ransomware, manage hybrid environments seamlessly, and support digital transformation -- without gaps in data protection. However, companies need the right partner on this journey, to ensure both breadth of coverage and flexibility to meet the… Learn More

  8. Simplify Disaster Recovery of Enterprise Databases with Modern Data Management

    Critical databases can’t fail. As a result, enterprises have come to depend on a range of disaster recovery strategies to ensure the availability and performance of their databases and other critical workloads. However, this can add complexity to your backup and recovery strategy, increasing the amount of time, money, and manual work it takes to keep your databases protected. Join us as we ex… Learn More

  9. Off-site Backup:

    Backup and disaster recovery (BDR) are functions every IT organization must perform, but a comprehensive BDR strategy is often out of reach for companies without the budget or resources to build and maintain an off-site repository. Offloading those data protection duties to the experts means realizing the substantial benefits that come with the move to managed cloud services. In this webinar yo… Learn More

  10. A Beginner’s Guide to Safeguarding the Microsoft 365 Suite

    In a world that embraces remote work now more than ever, Microsoft 365 has become the lynchpin for employee communication and collaboration. But as organizations are spending more time adopting SaaS applications, cyber-criminals are spending more time targeting them. As with all cloud-based services, while Microsoft is responsible for security of the cloud, the customer is always responsible fo… Learn More

  11. Strategic Mainframe Modernization -

    Unlock the value of your mainframe to drive Strategic Modernization of core business applications. Leverage Micro Focus and Capgemini Modernization strategies as a foundation for your Digital transformation. The maturity model journey emphasizes a non-disruptive and sustainable approach to complete digital transformation of a distributed and re-engineered environment. Micro Focus and Capgemini… Learn More

  12. Making the Future of Data Possible

    Data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning projects require and generate lots of data. The same with IoT or edge computing initiatives. As you build your cloud-native apps to support these initiatives, you figure there must be a better way to manage your data. Good news — there is. Join us for an industry-first launch event. Scality and HPE have joined forces with Actual Tec… Learn More

  13. Next Generation Cloud Services for Reducing Software Supply Chain Risks

    Advanced Cyber security breach techniques by nation states were wildly successful over the past few months. Thus, a new attack surface within the software supply chain has been exposed and is driving new requirements and shifting the focus of cyber protection across industries and software solution providers. In response, software technology companies worldwide are implementing changes and recomme… Learn More

  14. Modern Data Protection

    In today's digital world, data is growing faster than ever before. Enterprises are dealing with the colossal task of managing large amounts of disparate data across applications, on-premises environments, and the cloud. And as data protection becomes a growing concern, enterprises need to develop a comprehensive strategy for managing and protecting their data, while also addressing challenges with… Learn More

  15. Digital Trust:

    It is said that trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. Digital trust on the other hand, takes an instant to build, an instant to break and is always changing. Digital trust is an essential component to all digital businesses, underpinning every decision, transaction and interaction. As the lines are blurred more than ever between digital and physical, it’s key for b… Learn More

  16. Tips and Tricks for Remote Workforce Management

    As more organizations transition to having employees working from home on a regular basis, it’s important to continue to achieve the same levels of productivity and profitability while also ensuring compliance and security. In this webcast, we’ll cover how the ActivTrak platform helps organizations embrace remote work arrangements with confidence by providing insight into productivity, tech… Learn More

  17. Rapidly Transform Your Customer Experiences with AWS

    Facing a nonstop growth of new digital touchpoints and modes of interaction, companies are being challenged to meet rising customer expectations. However, innovative companies believe that these ongoing disruptions are actually prime opportunities to increase customer retention and loyalty, and differentiate from the competition. Together, OutSystems and AWS enable development teams to deliver… Learn More

  18. Flash For My Whole Datacenter?

    Wish you could justify flash for your entire datacenter? Tired of variable performance (code word for “slow”) and data migrations? We heard you! Pure FlashArray//C—the first all-QLC flash array now in its third generation—delivers the NVMe performance, hyper-consolidation, and simplified management your data deserves at an entirely new price point. FlashArray//C is enterprise ready and… Learn More

  19. Harness the (Super) Power of SOC Automation

    With security being at the forefront of most companies, Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solutions are in high demand. SOAR tools have emerged to allow organizations to improve their overall security posture by aggregating security events and provide essential automated responses that may help to repel an attack. Strengthen your security before it's too late! Join us on th… Learn More

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  20. Breaking the Multi-Factor Authentication Myth

    The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a warning in early 2021 that hackers are using the cloud to bypass MFA. According to a recent Osterman study, 74% of security professionals from mid to large-sized organizations believe MFA is the most effective mitigation against credential stealing. Hackers are abusing the trust in authenticated services that many organizations… Learn More