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  1. Secure Data, Infrastructure Ransomware Avoidance and Recovery

    Every day, the news has stories of yet more victims that have fallen to ransomware foes. Most can recover whether by paying an exorbitant Bitcoin ransom or spending weeks pulling data from hopefully uncompromised backups, but many simply cease to exist and countless more suffer massive reputational, financial, and operational impact. The stark reality is that you need both a ransomware avoidanc… Learn More

  2. How To Simplify Data Protection For Workloads On AWS

    The explosive growth of cloud workloads has created a decentralized environment, leaving IT teams vulnerable to data protection gaps. Therefore Cloud Architects are tasked to address issues such as unmanaged data, mitigating data loss, compliance, and rising storage costs. In this webinar, we will explore powerful tips to achieving comprehensive data protection for AWS native workloads, includi… Learn More

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  3. Phish Stories:

    Second generation phishing attacks are moving faster than defenses. Automation and AI are increasing the speed and success of these phishing attacks. Leveraging legitimate infrastructure and matching data to build detailed lists of targets increases their success. What was once spray and pray bulk phishing attacks are now mass quantities of highly target spear-phishing attacks. Learn More

  4. IT Predictions For 2021

    Industry analysts have made their IT predictions for 2021.  From a changing workforce, coping with technical debt, focusing on digital resiliency and more.   Many of those predictions and challenges that are associated, can be overcome or accomplished with a new digital strategy.  A strategy that starts with transforming to a highly resilient, agile and intelligent HCI private cloud environmen… Learn More

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  5. Technical Deep Dive on VMware Cloud on AWS

    VMware Cloud on AWS is the only hybrid cloud solution that lets you modernize, protect, and scale your vSphere-based applications in the AWS public cloud. In this instructor-led, virtual hands-on lab event, our expert team will show you how to migrate your clouds and implement the VMware HCX solution in your SDDC. The workshop will focus on deployment, activation, configuration, and pairing of the… Learn More

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  6. Enabling Backup & Recovery Best Practices in 2021

    No longer is data protection a service relegated to the back room. Today, conversations about recoverability take place everywhere, from employee desks to IT to the C-suite and even the board room. Each year, as backup and recovery gains additional prominence and capability, it also become more operationalized and permeates every aspect of the organization. With the rise In prominence, permeati… Learn More

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  7. Mitigating Ransomware in 2021 - Live Q&A Webinar with Roger Grimes

    There’s no shortage of frightening ransomware statistics and news reports to scare the pants off of you, but what is in short supply is practical advice from experts on exactly what you need to know to prevent ransomware BEFORE it affects your network. This is your chance to get your ransomware questions answered so that you can PREVENT ransomware from compromising your organization in 2021.… Learn More

  8. Best Practices for Conversational AI

    With NVIDIA GPUs, NetApp AI storage and SFL Scientific consulting, state-of-the-art language models can be rapidly trained and optimized to run inference in just a couple of milliseconds. This webinar will offer guidelines for customers building conversational artificial intelligences (AI) solutions. The session will present use cases for retail with NVIDIA Jarvis framework, Ne… Learn More

  9. The Pesky Password Problem: Policies That Help You Gain the Upper Hand on the Bad Guys

    What really makes a “strong” password? And why are your end-users tortured with them in the first place? How do hackers crack your passwords with ease? And what can/should you do about your authentication methods? For decades, end-users have borne the brunt of the password tyranny, a result of the IT industries’ inability to engineer secure systems. Password complexity, length, and rotati… Learn More

  10. Migrate Business-Critical Applications to Azure

    Cloud economics, automation, data replication and recovery orchestration have made DR to the cloud ideal for most organizations, especially if you lack a secondary site. Pure Cloud Block Store enables replication to the cloud cost-efficiently and works with Azure security to provide a compliant solution that safeguards data while preserving its integrity. In this webinar, you'll learn how easy… Learn More

  11. Deploying Code With Confidence

    With every new code deployment, there’s the risk of unintended effects on your database. In the quick workflow of continuous delivery, real-time analysis of database performance has traditionally been a difficult challenge. SolarWinds® Database Performance Monitor (DPM) gives you the ability to understand exactly how your code affects deployments performance—without needing to jump between… Learn More

  12. Collaboration, Clouds, Criminals & Corona

    We could sum up 2020 with collaboration, clouds, criminals, and corona with work from home, phishing attacks, and yes, constant changes due to COVID. When it comes to security, savvy attackers are using the pandemic against us to craft realistic threats that are attacking us and our end users constantly. How should you, in IT, deal with it all to support and secure your IT organization now and in… Learn More

  13. Achieving Digital Transformation and Supporting Your Workforce in Times of Uncertainty

    In today’s world, uncertainty is a guarantee and disaster does not just mean natural anymore. Smart IT organization are embracing digital transformation to streamline business operations but transforming anything in IT can be challenging. One of the challenges you'll face is how to most effectively protect your rapidly growing data from disaster, malicious attack, and acciden… Learn More

  14. Preventing Phishing 2.0 Attacks with Next-Gen Security Defense

    As cybercriminals continue to go after the weakest link in your security defense, new types of phishing tactics using automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are taking advantage of the latest remote working trends. Many of these tactics are customized specifically for mobile and endpoints devices. Join SlashNext CEO Patrick Harr and Argo Group CSO Paul Guerra for an in-depth discussion. Learn More

  15. Empowering Data Intensive Applications with Pure Storage FlashBlade for AWS Outposts

    Pure Storage FlashBlade has recently achieved AWS Outposts Ready status, demonstrating our validated integration and ability to work side-by-side with AWS Outposts in the customer’s datacenter. AWS customers can now leverage a low-latency, high-performance unified fast file and object platform with native Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) capabilities, in tandem with AWS services, APIs,… Learn More

  16. How to Build a Lightning-Fast, Multi-Petabyte Backup Repository

    Exponential data growth requires breaking barriers and choosing solutions that have unlimited scalability and performance so you can grow to any size environment. In this webinar, you'll learn how you can easily accomplish, what was once a nearly impossible task, of building a highly available, high performance, multi-petabyte backup repository to ensure your company's most critical data is pro… Learn More

  17. Rethink Your Refresh:

    What’s it like to replace your aging legacy storage with something that just keeps getting better all the time, and makes your job easier? Tony Shoemaker, Senior Systems Engineer at CBN, will share his experience using Pure Storage FlashArray and Evergreen Storage to meet the IT needs of one of the world's largest Christian ministries. For Tony and team, rethinking his storage refresh paid di… Learn More

  18. Intelligent Data Protection for your Unstructured Data

    According to Gartner, by 2024, large organizations will triple their unstructured data stored.* Since a large amount of unstructured file data lives on network attached storage (NAS), protecting this data for compliance and DR purposes can be a complex and expensive problem. Recently, Druva introduced integrated cloud backup and archive for NAS data. It allows customers to harness the economics… Learn More

  19. Lock Your Backup Repository with Scality and Veeam for Ultimate Ransomware Protection

    Your backup data is your last line of defense against ransomware, which is why it has become a prime target for malicious attacks. To mitigate ransomware threats, you need to keep your recovery path open, so protecting your backup repository is paramount. Thanks to the partnership between Veeam and Scality, you can make your backup data immune from ransomware attacks. When you leverage Scality… Learn More

  20. Ransomware: It’s Not A Matter Of IF, But When

    Ransomware today is the biggest concern of all organizations, costing over $20B per year.  Especially now, with so much of our enterprise workforce remote, ransomware has increased over 20% this year alone. Strong ransomware protection starts with data – protecting it, monitoring it, and shielding it from attacks. While the average cost of a ransomware attack is now topping $80k, with the ri… Learn More