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  1. Harness the (Super) Power of SOC Automation

    With security being at the forefront of most companies, Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solutions are in high demand. SOAR tools have emerged to allow organizations to improve their overall security posture by aggregating security events and provide essential automated responses that may help to repel an attack. Strengthen your security before it's too late! Join us on th… Learn More

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  2. What you don’t know about your 3rd party scripts can hurt you!

    Did you know that a typical web page today can contain upward of 75 third-party scripts? Your web site is probably one of — in not the — primary revenue drivers in your company. But do you know what’s really happening to your visitors? If you have third party components on your site, how do you manage the risk and the ROI of the tools provided by these parties? Join the discussion with We… Learn More

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  3. Docker & Containers 101

    You’ve heard about Containers, right? We all need to be using them, right? But, what are they? What is Docker? And, without spending a month or buying an expensive training course, what do you REALLY need to know? Here’s your chance to get started learning about one of the hottest technologies and companies around – Docker Containers – from Author Nigel Poulton! In this webinar, moderat… Learn More

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  4. Understanding Machine Learning Analytics

    As virtual environments continue to grow in size and complexity – a new approach is needed to get fast, accurate solutions to difficult problems in these dynamic environments. Join this webinar to learn how unique machine learning technology – topological behavior analysis – is being used to visualize the complex relationships between objects and issues so you can pinpoint the root cause… Learn More

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