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  1. PanelCast - Disaster Recovery Planning

    At many IT organizations, disaster recovery planning feels like a complicated and expensive moving target. Is it possible to really have a comprehensive, tested, AND affordable DR plan in place? These are the types of questions you'll get answereed on the upcoming disaster recovery PanelCast! On this video chat we'll take like questions from the audience and pose them to our disaster recovery e… Read More

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  2. PanelCast - How Data is Changing the Face of IT

    It's said that ""data is the new gold"" and that we in IT have become the data miners, or at least the data caretakers. It's our job to make sure that our company's data is always available, protected, secure, and highly performant. However, with massively growing distributed datasets and malicious attackers trying to steal our ransom our company's data, proper care and feeding of our company's da… Read More

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  3. PanelCast - Preventing and Recovering From Ransomware

    Ransomware is costing companies millions of dollars in downtime plus there's no way to account for the true cost of your company's name in the headlines as having been breached. There's no denying that ransomware is impacting every company, large and small. The question is - how can you protect yourself? And if you are hit with ransomware, how can you rapidly recover without business impact? On… Read More

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