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  1. A.I. from the Front Lines

    Welcome to the first episode in HPE’s 'Accelerate A.I. Webinar' Series! If you are an IT leader or influencer/decision maker on IT-related directions within your company, this webinar series is tailored just for you... By now, you may have heard about numerous use cases of companies across a variety of industries using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to drive their business decisions or perhap… Learn More

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  2. On-Demand Disaster Recovery for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Environments

    Managing a robust and growing VDI environment, such as VMware Horizon, is already onerous without mishaps. With the increase in ransomware attacks, it's much more challenging for IT teams to protect their data centers and also prepare for natural disasters. Disaster Recovery has never been more critical, and until now, it’s been out of reach for many companies due to the cost and complexity o… Learn More

  3. Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, DRaaS Megacast

    In a recent survey, 51% of IT Pros said that their greatest fear when it comes to data protection is that they can't recover their data when they need to. In that same survey, 84% said that their data protection and disaster recovery solution needed improvement or would have to be replaced. And sadly, 71% indicated that they weren't confident that they were adequately protected from ransomware. Ar… Learn More

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  4. Microsoft Office 365 and Mimecast: Reaping the Benefits of Cloud Without Increasing Risk

    Remember when Microsoft Exchange on-premises was the default option? Great email solution, a lot of gaps from a security and resilience standpoint. As migrations to Office 365 continue to grow, the hosting method may have changed, but the security challenges remain. Join this session for a deep-dive into how to reap the benefits of cloud without increasing your cybersecurity risk. We’ll discu… Learn More

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  5. IT Operations Management and Your Move to Azure

    Hybrid, cloud, on-premises, all-of-the-above? The name of the game is availability, and modern enterprises are evolving quickly to adapt to both new technologies and new economics to achieve it. Whether you’re moving more workloads to the cloud, increasing the number of databases running in the cloud (such as Azure® SQL Database), or migrating to SaaS applications, IT headcount isn’t increasi… Learn More

  6. How to Prevent 81% of Phishing Attacks from Sailing Right into Your Inbox with DMARC

    Only ~20% of companies use DMARC, SPF, and DKIM, global anti-domain-spoofing standards, which could significantly cut down on phishing attacks. But even when they are enabled and your domain is more secure, 81% of phishing attacks still continue to sail right through to the end-user. In this webinar, Roger Grimes, KnowBe4’s Data-Driven Defense Evangelist, will teach you how to enable DMARC, S… Learn More

  7. Applying an ROI framework to your Vulnerability Management Program

    Join this webcast to learn how to quantify the value of switching to InsightVM, and also how to quantify the value of a vulnerability management solution in general. Learn more about the benefits of InsightVM from a security, financial, and business perspective. We’ll deep dive into the cost, benefit, flexibility, and risk factors that go into purchasing InsightVM. These will provide you with… Learn More

  8. ActualTech Media LIVE Megacast: AWS, Azure, and GCP Solutions

    Across the spectrum of IT environments, from the smallest of SMB shops to the largest multinational conglomerates, the rise of the public cloud has had a profound impact which has allowed businesses to radically shift how they think about IT.  From instant provisioning of new services to the wholesale migration of on-premises workloads to the cloud, this resource has changed expectations of what… Learn More

  9. Still Using Legacy Infrastructure? It’s a Trap!

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  10. Supercharging Edge Computing Environments

    The world of IT is being continually fractured into smaller pieces as workloads migrate to new and different locations, including the cloud and, more recently, edge environments.  Edge environments encompass perhaps larger swaths of IT real estate than many realize and can bring with them unique challenges that aren’t faced in other locales.  Challenges can include ensuring comprehensive cost… Learn More

  11. Storage, Flash, NVMe and Storage Optimization EcoCast

    More so than ever in history, it's storage that is the greatest challenge facing IT professionals. With massively growing data, distributed data, and constant threats of data breaches, providing storage availability, protection, performance, and security have become key. Thankfully there are a lot of storage solutions available to you today but how do you make the best selection for your unique st… Learn More

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  12. Top Five Criteria For Evaluating a Modern Data Warehouse

    Many organizations face a two-fold challenge with changing business requirements and massively growing datasets. Before selecting a modern data warehouse solution, organizations should first understand the use cases, potential pitfalls, and what to look for in evaluating the best modern data warehouse solution to meet their specific needs. Don't select a modern data warehouse until you've atten… Learn More

  13. Modernizing Data Protection with Pure Storage

    Increasing Data Volumes? Aggressive recovery SLA’s? Running scared of Ransomware attacks?  Sitting around waiting for restores? Are you modernizing your data protection architecture to solve some of these technology issues? Confused about the many options that are available? Just as Flash revolutionized the primary storage market, learn how Flash is now disrupting the data protection market… Learn More

  14. Security Segmentation for the Modern, Agile, Innovative Data Center

    The modern data center is agile, shouldn’t your segmentation be as well? Traditional segmentation solutions such as internal firewalls or SDN segmentation are cumbersome, costly, and complex. These legacy approaches tie security segmentation to network infrastructure, meaning the segmentation policy cannot move at the speed of the business. Join our webcast, led by experts from Illumio, to di… Learn More

  15. Do You Really Know What’s Running on Your Network?

    Everyone thinks they know what applications and data are on their network, but is that really the case? Find out November 14 when we partner with ActualTech Media for an information-packed webinar devoted to network and application visibility. For network architects and SecOps alike, you’ll learn invaluable information from our industry-leading Gigamon expert. Be sure to join and win in th… Learn More

  16. Cloud Solutions Megacast

    No longer are cloud-based solutions just for the Facebooks of the world that have massive web-scale apps. Today, real companies are leveraging cloud solutions to increase their efficiency, improve their scalability, drive business agility, and lower their costs. On this event, you'll learn about the most innovative cloud solutions available to you today, what makes them unique, how they work, and… Learn More

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  17. Transform Your Database into an Engine of Innovation

    Do you have critical databases with a high cost of ownership, dedicated infrastructure, and management nightmares? What if you could eliminate dedicated database storage arrays and migrate to a simplified platform that consolidates all of your databases while providing optimized workload performance, integrated security and availability across the entire database estate, and operational efficiency… Learn More

  18. Data Resiliency Moves to the Cloud, Featuring Forrester

    Why should your business adopt a modern data-resiliency mindset? Data is becoming increasingly distributed across on-premises and multi-cloud environments and according to Forrester “this scattering of data requires infrastructure and operations leaders to take a fresh approach to data resiliency.”* To address today’s IT challenges, companies are looking for innovative data-resiliency sol… Learn More

  19. Architecting and Supporting the Pillars of IT in 2020

    As the next decade creeps inexorably closer to becoming reality, organizations around the world are measuring the success of their “2020 visions” to determine how close they have come to achieving their goals.  Keeping up with the sheer pace of change in the new technology world order is no easy feat.  As we approach 2020, what do you need to know to ensure success for your car… Learn More

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  20. Modernize Your Data Protection Infrastructure with PureStorage and Veeam to Recover from Cyber Attacks

    Organizations are facing ransomware more and more frequently today. Without proper protection, the only option is to pay the ransom and hope cybercriminals unlock your data. Simple data backup is no longer enough with ransomware even targeting backups, rendering entire environments unavailable with valuable services interrupted in the meantime. A new approach to Data Protection from Pure Storag… Learn More