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  1. Future Proof Your Data Protection

    The future of data protection is scalable, efficient, affordable, and easy to use. Unfortunately, most IT organizations are still using an aging data protection solution. These solutions are becoming unreliable, are slow to backup, recovery and protect your data and come with large annual contracts. What most IT organizations don't know, is that data protection of the future is available today!… Learn More

  2. Converged, Hyperconverged (HCI), and Composable Infrastructure EcoCast

    You need greater efficiency, agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness from your IT infrastructure. Legacy storage solutions just aren't cutting it anymore! What many IT Organizations don't know is that there are many different solutions available to solve these IT challenges! Converged, Hyperconverged and Composable infrastructure make your datacenter lean, mean, and easy to manage. Betwe… Learn More

  3. Bringing File Services to the Hyperconverged Enterprise Cloud

    The unstructured data problem is real. Some organizations have file servers strewn about to try to capture it all while others use file services provided on storage arrays.  According to some estimates, 80% of unstructured data will be stored on distributed file and object storage within the next two years.  As organizations continue to ingest vast quantities of data, old methods break down. Wha… Learn More

  4. DR, DRaaS, & Ransomware Megacast

    Malicious attackers are trying to gain access to your company's most critical data and hold it for ransom. It's your job to protect that data but keeping that's getting tougher every day. Every IT Professional's worse dream is waking up and finding their data encrypted and inaccessible (this is what they call a "resume-generating event"). So how do you protect yourself and your company's most prec… Learn More

  5. Storage, Flash, and NVMe EcoCast

    IT organizations are struggling to store and protect their company's critical data as that data continues to grow at an exponential rate. Aging legacy storage solutions just don't provide the scalability, availability, and performance that is required for the future. Today's IT Organizations need the latest innovations in storage to solve these challenges! If you are facing storage challenges and… Learn More

  6. Disappearing Walls: Building Enterprise IT Architecture for a New Era

    The data center as we knew it is a dinosaur. Gone are the days of strict rigidity and of applications running in impenetrable fortresses nestled inside the bowels of corporate HQ. Today, enterprise IT architecture is scattered across the land, with pockets existing inside an organization’s borders, but, increasingly expanding to new lands, in the form of the hybrid cloud. The scattering of th… Learn More

  7. Implementing HCI-centric Database-as-a-Service for Cloud-Like Agility

    A growing number of organizations are turning to Docker containers to help solve really big application requirements.  Among the biggest out there are those imposed by Oracle.  What if you could deploy Oracle as a stateless cloud-native workload in your environment?  Transform a complex process into one with an App Store-like experience. Innovative enterprises are graduating to the next step… Learn More

  8. Scaling Performance Up, Keeping Headcount Down With Quobyte Storage

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  9. The Evolution from MySQL to MariaDB

    Being a database vendor means being in a very crowded marketplace. There are so many out there, doing a plethora of different things. How do you stand out in the midst of that crowd? MariaDB, a relational, transactional and open source database created by the original developers of MySQL, does it by layering a modern architecture on a traditional SQL foundation. Chief Marketing Officer Franz A… Read More

  10. Couchbase: Purpose-Built NoSQL for the Cloud

    In the cloud era, it’s all about scale. In that regard, databases have had their issues, as they’re often not built for the massive scale necessary. But Couchbase, a NoSQL database for mission-critical applications, was built with scale in mind. In this RoadCast video, Couchbase CTO Ravi Mayuram talks with ActualTech Media Partner David Davis about how his company is removing the database a… Read More

  11. Programmability and Performance Without Compromise with Barefoot Networks

    Barefoot Networks is a 5-year-old company that’s trying to fundamentally change the way that networks are built by bringing the power of software to the data plane. Their open source, domain-specific programming language called P4 ( is built expressly for the purpose of bossing around their proprietary silicon in their Protocol Independent Switch Architecture (PISA) “Tofino” devices.… Read More

  12. Speeding Cloud-Native App Development with Rockset

    Building cloud-native applications is much different than using traditional software development methods. Cloud-native apps by nature are distributed, and need fast access to data to function well. The founders of the startup Rockset, which just came out of stealth, understand that, and built a serverless analytics and search platform to handle that challenge. It’s complicated, but at a high… Read More

  13. What Do You Get When You Cross a Drobo with a Nexsan?

    You may not know StorCentric, but it's likely you know the two companies it recently acquired, Drobo and Nexsan. In this RoadCast video, ActualTech Media Partner David Davis discusses the decisions to buy those storage companies with StorCentric CEO Mihir Shah. Shah explains how the consumer-focused Drobo products and the enterprise-level Nexsan units integrate and provide a comprehensive solution… Read More

  14. Get Ahead of the Bad Guys with DataVisor

    The bad guys are getting smarter. When it comes to online attacks, malicious actors are getting more sophisticated at evading detection and pretending to be real users. This is a serious, growing problem that DataVisor is aiming to combat. In this RoadCast video, DataVisor CEO/Co-founder Yinglian Xie and CTO/Co-founder Fang Yu discuss with ActualTech Media Partner David Davis how their product… Read More

  15. How Does Backblaze Do It for $5 a Month?

    Backblaze is all about backing up your most important personal or business asset: your data. This means it’s crucial that they have your trust. And one unique way they do that is by being completely honest about their hard drives. In this RoadCast video, ActualTech Media Partner David Davis talks with Andy Klein, director of product marketing, about how the idea of publishing information abou… Read More

  16. Taking the Fear Out of Virtual Machine Migrations

    Moving your workloads from one infrastructure to a new one can be scary; if something breaks, it can have devastating consequences for your organization. Making that migration less of a nightmare is what Sureline Systems is all about. In this RoadCast video, ActualTech Media Partner David Davis talks with Sureline COO George Symons about how his company’s products smooth the transfer of virtu… Read More

  17. Cloud Solutions Megacast

    Many IT organizations are feeling pressured by marketing hype to move into the public cloud. However, once they arrive there they soon realize that that public cloud can be much more complex and costly than they anticipated. What IT Organizations need to know is that there are new and innovative ways to leverage the public cloud to make tremendous improvements to on-premises IT. These new solution… Learn More

  18. 042 – Career Advice From the CTO Advisor

    Keith Townsend is one of the most prominent members of the IT community, with a long and varied background spanning multiple years and many job roles. Having recently joined VMware, he’s now added “vendor employee” to his list of titles. In this episode of “10 on Tech,” ActualTech Media Partner James Green chats with Keith about IT careers. Keith also discusses VMware’s changing rol… Listen Now

  19. Optimizing Workloads for the Cloud

    Every day, more organizations are moving to the cloud. It’s typically not a wholesale move, but bits and pieces here and there. And too often, when workloads are moved to the cloud, there’s a tendency for admins to “set it and forget it.” After all, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and so on are responsible for their clouds, right? They also have all the CPU, memory, and storage, so you’re cove… Read More

  20. Announcing the Launch of The Countermeasure!

    We're *incredibly* excited to pull back the curtain on something we've been working on intensely for the last three months... Today, we're proud to announce the launch of The Countermeasure: a weekly, analysis-rich security newsletter with a focus on the impact of infosec developments on the enterprise IT environment. The Countermeasure is delivered weekly on Saturday mornings to cut past th… Read More