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  1. Business Continuity and DR for Government & Educational Institutions

    As threats to business continuity evolve, it's up to you to protect your organization. on Wednesday, May 30th we're covering what you need to know when considering backup and disaster recovery for government and educational institutions, including best practices for crafting your DR plan. On this special webinar, you'll see live demos of quick recovery from a wide range of challenging events: f… Learn More

  2. Security EcoCast

    Securing infrastructure and data has become a key priority for many enterprises in the face of unparalleled cyber attacks, new regulations, and the risk of data loss. Security is a vast beast and there are a multitude of threats to counter and actions to take for every organization out there. During this event, you'll learn about the latest enterprise security solutions, what problems they solv… Learn More

  3. Data, BI & Analytics EcoCast

    Data rules the world! This is true no matter what IT Organization you are a part of and this scenario is not going to change anytime soon, particularly as organizations vacuum up data from assorted databases, sensors, IoT devices, users, customers, and many other sources. All of that data needs to be dealt with in same fashion, whether it becomes a part of a data warehouse, used for analytics, and… Learn More

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  5. 033 - Crafting IT Resilience in a Multi-Cloud World (w/ Zerto)

    You need IT resilience: the ability to withstand outages and disruptions and keep IT services humming along. And the cloud helps immensely there. If you can figure it out, that is. In this new episode of the 10 on Tech podcast, James Green of ActualTechMedia interviews Rob Strechay of Zerto (@RealStrech) about ways to do that. It’s not as scary as you think it is – promise. In this inter… Listen Now

  6. Seamlessly Manage Your Hybrid Cloud Environment

    Across datacenters worldwide, cloud conversations have changed dramatically over the last few years. Five years ago, the only way organizations could start new projects quickly or instantly deploy applications was to leverage the public cloud. While this offered many benefits, it also created some new challenges. One of the biggest involved managing applications deployed in different locations. W… Read More

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  7. Nutanix 'May the 4th Be With You' Special Event

    Today's IT Jedi, more than ever before, have to bring the Force to bear against modern-day Sith: complexity, cost, and cybercriminals. These IT Jedi are tasked with bringing balance to the company through the use of appropriate tools. Among the companies that provide these tools, one is emerging as the Chosen One, capable of keeping companies out of the Darkness and delivering them to the cloud.… Learn More

  8. Storage, Flash & NVMe

    The storage market has transformed in recent years, with the standalone storage array being attacked from all sides by ambitious rivals vying for customer attention in a world demanding more and more from beleaguered IT departments. Today, storage comes in many shapes and sizes - flash, hybrid, NVMe, cloud, and more. With so many solutions in this burgeoning space, and more jumping in every day… Learn More

  9. 032 - Don't Drown In The Data Lake (w/ WhereScape)

    Every organization wants to leverage the value of their data. The question isn’t, “should we start getting a handle on this massive trove of information?”, but rather, “how do we even get started? It’s so complicated!” After all, there’s so much data locked away in so many locations and disparate systems. It’s enough to intimidate the most seasoned of admins. That’s what this… Listen Now

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  10. Open Source Storage Is Disrupting the Enterprise Market

    What do you get when you combine enterprise storage with open source? A zebra. Open Enterprise Storage! At the center of the open enterprise storage movement is iXsystems. iXsystems is the developer of both TrueNAS and FreeNAS. FreeNAS is the adventurous open-source younger sibling. TrueNAS is the tried, tested, curated, and grown-up enterprise offering. Both have a role to play in making open… Read More

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  11. Predicting & Maintaining Business-Critical Application Performance

    Your business leaders demand application performance that meets or exceeds user and customer expectations.  The shifting data center architectural landscape has created challenges for IT leaders.  How do IT leaders leverage the incredible benefits of emerging infrastructure options while ensuring that performance doesn't suffer? It's clear that hyperconverged infrastructure has changed the v… Learn More

  12. Monitoring and Performance

    Whether the IT organization likes it or not, the expectation today is that enterprise applications are always available, "just like those cloud services". However, we know the truth - that 100% availability and high performance is a constant struggle, even for the largest of enterprises. In the "real world" most companies are struggling with overwhelming infrastructure complexity, numerous managem… Learn More

  13. 031 - Storage So Fast It'll Make Your Head Spin (w/ Julie Herd)

    In this new episode of the 10 on Tech podcast, James Green of ActualTech Media interviews E8 Storage Director of Technical Marketing Julie Herd about E8 Storage, and how NVMe is disrupting the storage industry. NVMe isn’t exactly new to the market, but many still know very little or nothing about it. But if you have apps or workloads that need maximum performance at the lowest latency, you need… Listen Now

  14. How Hyperconverged Infrastructure Aids Disaster Recovery

    From hurricanes to flooding, earthquakes to wildfires, 2017 was a memorable year for widespread natural disasters. Yet when you ask some IT professionals about a disaster recovery plan for their companies, many seem unconcerned or woefully unprepared. Studies show that unless the odds of a natural disaster are high and are forecast to happen in the very near future, many people defer on taking the… Read More

  15. vSphere 6.7: Feature Overview

    Today, 20 years and one day after celebrating its founding, VMware released vSphere 6.7, the latest iteration of its hypervisor and data center management platform. Although this update isn’t as feature-packed as the previous (6.5) release from November 2016, it does include some interesting new features that savvy data center operators can utilize to increase productivity. vSphere 6.7 was re… Read More

  16. Illumio and Qualys Partner on ‘Vulnerability Maps’

    There are many advantages of integrating cloud computing into your data center operations, which is why the various types of public and hybrid clouds have taken off lately. But there are also downsides, and one of the worst is increased vulnerability. Consider, for example, the increased “East-West” traffic that the cloud brings with it. This is the traffic within your data center, i.e., se… Read More

  17. Cloud Solutions

    Cloud solutions are changing the world by providing more efficiency, scalability, and agility than ever before. When searching for solutions to help you and your company, you’ll find hybrid-cloud offerings in many different shapes and sizes. For example, enterprises are searching for new solutions around cloud storage, cloud data protection, cloud disaster recovery, hybrid-cloud management, and… Learn More

  18. Nexenta Brings On-Premises Customers into the Cloud with Launch of NexentaCloud and AWS Integration

    Hybrid cloud is the reality for most organizations moving forward. They will leverage some combination of on-premises resources and cloud resources to form a complete IT infrastructure that meets their unique business needs. The great thing about hybrid architectures is that you can mix and match parts to come up with an architecture that’s a great fit for your business. One of the many areas th… Read More

  19. US Signal Launches Technology Assessments To Help Organizations Plan For Effective IT Deployments And Benchmark Against Peers

    Grand Rapids, Mich. - April 11, 2018 - US Signal, a leading end-to-end IT solutions provider, today announced the launch of its Technology Assessments. Designed to provide an objective, vendor-neutral analysis of a company’s IT resources, practices and processes, the Technology Assessments deliver an overview of a company’s technology-based strengths and weaknesses, while also benchmarking… Read More

  20. Business Continuity Under Any Circumstance

    Your business is moving faster than ever before, and you’re expected to deliver faster and better service to all departments — all while simultaneously controlling IT budgets, avoiding data loss and system downtime, and battling ever-increasing threats from cybercriminals. But what if you could: Remove the complexity and cost from your existing environment and unlock budget and staff tim… Learn More