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  1. Securing Your Organization’s Human Layer

    The intersection between technology and human security is a difficult challenge for any organization to tackle, and although detection technologies are advancing, criminals are rapidly evolving their techniques and tactics to even greater levels of sophistication. Their attacks are difficult to detect, and even security administrators themselves fall victim. Join Perry Carpenter, Chief Evang… Learn More

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  2. Improving Patching Efficiency with Automation

    You have a good process down when it comes to understanding risk in your environment, but how do you go about working with other teams and implementing processes to actually reduce the risk? This can be quite challenging, especially if you’re reducing all risk manually. Join us as we dive into the most common challenges faced when it comes to risk reduction, how to overcome these challenges i… Learn More

  3. Ensuring Trust and Security in Enterprise IT and the Cloud

    Security is a cross-organizational issue today, with activity and discussions around it taking place at all levels of the company. Topics range from data security to security of on-premises infrastructure to securing cloud resources—and it's all interconnected. With the most complex security challenges in history, what are time-starved security professionals to do? How can you keep your data… Learn More

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  4. Prevention is your first line of Defense from Ransomware. But what if Prevention fails?

    A data protection strategy is something every organization has implemented. However, the crucial question is, can the information be recovered from an ever-evolving threat landscape? Over the past few years, ransomware has morphed from a broad-based attack vector to one that has become more sophisticated, targeted, and ruthless. Even with state-of-the-art prevention solutions, organizations mus… Learn More

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  5. Modernizing and Securing Financial Services Technology Environments

    Financial services firms often have unique needs that don't face other industry verticals. For example, strict security policies, strong compliance requirements, and extensive data retention demands. Top those needs off with complex, distributed, and dynamic applications and most IT Professionals who work in the financial industry are in dire need of more efficient, secure, and intelligent solutio… Learn More

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  6. Cloud Strategies and Solutions

    With an ever-increasing number of cloud combinations, from private to public to hybrid to multi, it's no wonder that IT pros and decision makers constantly seek out new guidance around how to formulate a coherent cloud strategy. So how do you develop one and how do you learn about the most innovative cloud solutions available to you today, to incorporate into your strategy? Instead of spending… Learn More

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  7. Google Anthos: Kubernetes the Easy Way

    Kubernetes continues to gain popularity in the industry, and shows no signs of slowing down. This container management platform has essentially won the container wars, and is now the de facto orchestration tool for containers. Kubernetes is popular because managing containers is a serious pain. But Kubernetes itself is a pain, too—ask any admin who’s tried to bootstrap it. In fact, the most… Read More

  8. How Persistent Memory Delivers Superior ROI for Data Intensive Workloads

    In today’s information-driven economy, quickly processing ever-increasing volumes of data into actionable information to win customers and edge out the competition have become table stakes.  Unfortunately, the statistics for converting data into information is DISMAL. “Though about 90 percent of the digital data ever created in the world has been generated in just the past two years, o… Learn More

  9. Building a Next-Gen IT Environment

    As organizations continue their digital transformation efforts, their IT environments will also need to undergo continuous transformation to keep pace with the organizational shifts. Even more challenging, the entire concept of the “data center” itself is undergoing its own transformation as organizations continue their hybrid and multi-cloud endeavors that augment their on-premises systems. S… Learn More

  10. Nutanix 'Better Together' Webcast Series || 5 Ways to Optimize Your Private Cloud Strategy

    Introducing a New, 5-Part Webcast Series Doing more with less is the name of the game for today’s businesses—but no one wants to sacrifice simplicity to make it happen. Seems like a tall order? With the right private cloud strategy, it doesn’t have to be. But getting there means choosing the best technology to ensure interoperability, security, and of course, ease of use. Let’… Learn More

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  11. A.I. from the Front Lines

    By now, you may have heard about numerous use cases of companies across a variety of industries using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to drive their business decisions or perhaps introduce new business models. In fact, according to a recent study completed by 451 Research, at least 50% of the organizations today are either using A.I. within their organization or have an active POC/pilot currentl… Learn More

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  12. WannaCry Ransomware Hits Hard in 2019

    If your organization was pummeled by the WannaCry virus last year, you’re not alone: nearly a quarter of all ransomware attacks were of that variety. And the damage it did was staggering. That’s according to, which reported that WannaCry was the most common crypto ransomware attack of 2019, accounting for 23.56% of all such assaults globally. The article also estimate… Read More

  13. 082 – It’s Been 34 Days: Do You Still Have the Boss’s Email?

    It’s the nightmare scenario for every admin: the CEO has deleted an email related to a multi-million dollar project, and needs it back. The hitch: he deleted it 34 days ago, and your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider only provides 30 days’ worth of backups. Uh oh. This is an issue that organizations using SaaS applications need to consider, and far too few of them do. That’s why Da… Listen Now

  14. 081 – A Question of Data Sovereignty

    Thanks to regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), organizations are more aware than ever of the need to protect the privacy of customer data. And the GDPR is just the beginning: the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) goes into effect Jan. 1, 2020. The problem is that knowing where your customer data even exists is becoming harder in the cloud era. XMedius, which spec… Listen Now

  15. 080 – Remove All the Bottlenecks!

    Data center storage is evolving constantly, and one of the most crucial areas is in lower latency. Latency, after all, impacts everything in your operations. And cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) demand the lowest latency possible. Delivering that low latency can’t happen until system bottlenecks are removed, whether they’re existing, olde… Listen Now

  16. On-Demand Disaster Recovery for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Environments

    Managing a robust and growing VDI environment, such as VMware Horizon, is already onerous without mishaps. With the increase in ransomware attacks, it's much more challenging for IT teams to protect their data centers and also prepare for natural disasters. Disaster Recovery has never been more critical, and until now, it’s been out of reach for many companies due to the cost and complexity o… Learn More

  17. Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, DRaaS Megacast

    In a recent survey, 51% of IT Pros said that their greatest fear when it comes to data protection is that they can't recover their data when they need to. In that same survey, 84% said that their data protection and disaster recovery solution needed improvement or would have to be replaced. And sadly, 71% indicated that they weren't confident that they were adequately protected from ransomware. Ar… Learn More

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  18. Microsoft Office 365 and Mimecast: Reaping the Benefits of Cloud Without Increasing Risk

    Remember when Microsoft Exchange on-premises was the default option? Great email solution, a lot of gaps from a security and resilience standpoint. As migrations to Office 365 continue to grow, the hosting method may have changed, but the security challenges remain. Join this session for a deep-dive into how to reap the benefits of cloud without increasing your cybersecurity risk. We’ll discu… Learn More

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  19. IT Operations Management and Your Move to Azure

    Hybrid, cloud, on-premises, all-of-the-above? The name of the game is availability, and modern enterprises are evolving quickly to adapt to both new technologies and new economics to achieve it. Whether you’re moving more workloads to the cloud, increasing the number of databases running in the cloud (such as Azure® SQL Database), or migrating to SaaS applications, IT headcount isn’t increasi… Learn More

  20. Challenges to Cloud Computing Resource Planning

    Cloud computing has transformed how enterprises think about infrastructure. A decade ago, IT professionals had to make server projections months or years in advance, deciding on the types of servers they’d need. That would in turn be largely determined by the services required for their business needs, and expected loads those servers would bear. Cloud computing has changed the game. Enterpri… Read More