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  1. Data Protection Megacast

    With massively growing data sets and expectations of 100% uptime with long term retention, companies are struggling to meet data protection and disaster recovery demands. These problems are prevalent, no matter the size of the organization. To compound that, IT organizations simply don’t have time to research and compare the latest software and hardware solutions available for enterprise data pr… Learn More

  2. Solutions for AWS and Azure EcoCast

    Smart IT Organizations are considering how they might leverage hybrid cloud solutions for workloads, data, and IT services-- but only where it makes business sense. Hybrid cloud solutions offer tremendous benefits but can also be complex and costly for companies that don’t have the right tools. No matter the use case, most organization that utilize the hybrid clouds are using third-party solutio… Learn More

  3. Enterprise Networking & Security MegaCast

    The overlapping worlds of security and networking are evolving at an ever-increasing pace. As new efficiencies become possible and as new threats are identified, networking and security pros need to remain ever-vigilant in order to remain effective. With change comes opportunity. The opportunity you have today is to take a hard look at how you’re operating your networking and security disci… Learn More

  4. 12 Ways Hackers are Defeating Two-Factor Authentication & How To Protect Your Environment

    Everyone knows that two-factor authentication (2FA) is more secure than a simple login name and password, but too many people think that 2FA is a perfect, unhackable solution. It isn't! Join Roger A. Grimes, KnowBe4's Data-Driven Defense Evangelist, and security expert with over 30-years experience, for this webinar where he will explore 12 ways hackers can and do get around your favorite 2FA s… Learn More

  5. Solving VMware Backup Challenges with the Cloud

    Protecting your VMware environment, including VMWare cloud on AWS (VMC), can be complex and challenging. Administrative complexity and the lack of visibility and control of data across your data center and remote sites puts your data at risk. If your company suffers a disaster or needs to recover a critical file and the data isn't there, you might be looking for a new job. Join us on this webin… Learn More

  6. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning EcoCast

    Big data and artificial intelligence/machine learning are technology trends for which we're just scratching the surface of the long-term potential.  In such environments, storage isn't just about capacity, but about how to use that data in the most expedient way possible. Today, as organizations consider the potential of these technologies, they’re struggling with determining how to store, ma… Learn More

  7. Cloud Solutions EcoCast

    While the “cloud” buzzword is overused the reality of it is that, when you cut through the marketing fluff, cloud solutions are providing tremendous benefits to companies of all sizes. Thanks to cloud solutions, real companies are increasing their efficiency, improving their scalability, driving business agility, and lowering their costs. On this event, you'll learn about the most innovative c… Learn More

  8. Crafting a Data Orchestration Platform for Modern Workloads

    As organizations' use of Hadoop and NoSQL technologies continues to explode, it’s increasingly important to ensure that these workloads are protected to the same degree as other mission critical applications.  Unfortunately, this is often not the case as legacy data protection tools often fail in the face of these modern applications. In this can’t-miss event, you’ll discover how Imanis… Learn More

  9. How to Take the Pain Out of the Private Cloud Lifecycle

    Designing a cloud is, in essence, designing an entire data center. Designing and operating a cloud requires attention to the entire lifecycle of the cloud: since each component can affect adjacent solutions, the impact of every change on the whole must be carefully considered. Layering on some cloud software to boss infrastructure around doesn’t magically solve all the IT problems that organi… Read More

  10. Putting Things in Context: Why We’re Ditching Slack for Microsoft Teams

    I don’t often write about the inner workings of ActualTech Media. It’s not because I don’t want to, but is due primarily to having a whole lot to stay on top of. But we’re doing something that many may think crazy, so I thought I’d tell the world! We’ve ditched Slack and adopted Microsoft Teams in its place. “WHAT?!?,” you may ask. You may wonder why we’d stop (well, almost… Read More

  11. Getting Our Hands Dirty Installing VMware Cloud on AWS

    The new VMware Cloud on AWS allows you to run your vSphere virtual machines in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud, without modification, and access the hundreds of services available from AWS. In this video, Keith Ward, James Green, and David Davis of ActualTech Media are joined by Trevor Pott of eGeek Consulting in our Cloud Party, where we take VMware Cloud on AWS for a spin, for the fir… Read More

  12. Apstra Says It Offers the 'Next Evolution' in Software-Defined Networking

    “Intent-based networking.” It’s a new way of thinking about networking, according to Apstra, which provides data center networking automation. Michael Wood, CMO & VP of Apstra, discussed the concept with ActualTech Media CEO Scott Lowe in this RoadCast video shot at VMworld 2018. Wood says that the technology took Apstra more than 10 years to develop. That’s a lot of R&D! Apstra is a d… Read More

  13. Barefoot Networks and Fully Programmable Switches

    Imagine changing your data center networking on the fly: altering the way the data plane processes packets, or introducing new protocols, for example. Or scaling up your network and introducing new efficiencies. This is the promise that Silicon Valley startup Barefoot Networks wants to fulfill. In this RoadCast video from VMworld 2018, Barefoot Director of Product Management Roberto Mari talks… Read More

  14. Kingston Technology Is More Than Just Desktop RAM

    If you’re like most admins, when you think of Kingston Technology, you think RAM for your desktop or server. But if that’s your thought, then you haven’t taken a close look lately. In this RoadCast video from VMworld 2018, ActualTech Media Partner David Davis talks with Cameron Crandall, senior technology manager, about what Kingston’s been doing. He discusses, among other topics, the d… Read More

  15. Hyperconverged, Converged & Composable Infrastructure

    Do you spend too much time managing your infrastructure? IT Organizations of all sizes are looking to convergence to allow them to make their data center infrastructure more efficient, more scalable, and more affordable. Whether it’s converged infrastructure, hyperconverged infrastructure, or composable infrastructure, the end result is greater simplicity and streamlined operations in the datace… Learn More

  16. Clouds Are a Key Enabler for Digital Transformation

    Clouds fundamentally change who has control over IT. Traditional infrastructures rely on IT teams to provision resources, workloads, applications and services. Clouds don’t – they let the individuals responsible for doing something useful with IT be the ones to provision that IT. At the risk of buzzword overload, clouds are not only useful as part of the perpetual quest for business agility… Read More

  17. Getting Started with Cloud Daddy for AWS Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

    Anyone who is using Amazon Web Services needs a secure backup and disaster recovery solution to protect your mission critical applications and data. Up until this point that's been tough to do with the tools that are included with AWS. Thankfully a new solution was recently released launched! Cloud Daddy provides AWS cloud-native secure backup, restore and disaster recovery for your AWS infrastruc… Read More

  18. Ease of Use is the Goal for Private Cloud

    The decision has been made to move to private cloud. All reasons for or against have been heard, and now it’s time to implement. With this in mind, what options are available for doing so, and how do they affect the design of an organization’s IT? Private clouds come in flavors, and while each vendor will tell you that their specific flavor is very clearly distinct from the next, it’s mor… Read More

  19. VMware's Software-Defined Vision

    LAS VEGAS, Aug. 29, 2018 -- In terms of new product announcements, VMworld 2018 was surprisingly, almost shockingly, quiet. The Day One General Session by CEO Pat Gelsinger had some cool moments, for sure. But there was nothing new announced during the Day Two General Session (which was dominated by an inspiring interview with Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai), and the press release parad… Read More

  20. Notes from VMworld 2018

    LAS VEGAS, Aug. 29, 2018 -- It’s been a busy week in Las Vegas – and it’s only Tuesday. Here are one attendee’s scattered thoughts on VMworld 2018. It’s my first show as a member of ActualTech Media. I’ve always covered it as a member of the press, and although I’m not officially with a news organization anymore, I do have a press/analyst pass. Being with a different company has… Read More