More Engagement, More Reach, More Sales Opportunities

ActualTech Media’s new interactive content solutions help you break away from the limitations of the typical PDF format, and engage your readers on a whole new level.

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  • How interactive content gives readers a better experience with clearer calls to action
  • Enhanced lead form gating options
  • Mobile-optimized, dynamic formatting options
  • Embedding multimedia and deep linking to additional content assets
  • Improved document navigation for less drop-off and content abandonment
  • Advanced sharing capabilities for tracking content consumption inside ABM organizations
  • CRM-integrated tracking options and retargeting with advanced analytics

Engage Your Audience

Engage your audience with mobile-friendly content assets that take them deeper into their customer journey with all sorts of embedded content like video, links to deeper-funnel content, surveys, polling, and more!

Easy to Share

Increase your content’s reach with new, viral-ready sharing options placed right at your reader’s fingertips.

Capture More Leads

Drive more sales opportunities from your content by capturing more leads with teaser-friendly gating options, reduced form abandonment, and customer journey optimization.

A New, Mobile-Optimized & Immersive Reader Experience

Give your readers the experience they need in a mobile-first world.

  • No more "pinching and panning" through tiny PDFs
  • Embed interactive elements that bring the reader right into the content journey with video, audio, animated diagrams and charts, surveys, quizzes, polls, and so much more!
  • Make it easy for your readers to share your content inside their organization with powerful sharing options designed for viral spread

A Tech Marketer’s Dream Come True

Our interactive content solutions can connect directly into your CRM*, giving you full visibility into the prospect’s interaction with your content. We also make updating your content a breeze, so your latest messaging is always in play.

  • Track how far readers progressed through your content and how they shared it
  • Connect your CRM to integrate content touch points into your existing ABM programs and lead tracking
  • Add retargeting pixels to your content and keep your brand front-and-center after each touch
  • Update your content in one place and stop redistributing PDFs across multiple channels and partners one at a time
  • Reliable hosting is included with every interactive content asset you deploy

* Supported CRMs include: Marketo, HubSpot, Oracle, and Salesforce

Interactive Content Samples

Interactive Executive eBook

Client: Datrium (Now part of VMware)



Interactive Express eBook

Client: Scality & HPE



Interactive Tech Brief

Client: AMD & Nutanix