ActualTech Media 2019 Virtual Event Details & Schedule

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Over the past four years, nearly 80 enterprise IT companies have participated in ActualTech Media events with tens of thousands of viewers logging hundreds of thousands of hours – viewing these events as their preferred way to learn about new technologies and the vendors that provide solutions in specific technology spaces.

No matter which event flavor you join, we bring to bear our audience of hundreds of thousands of IT professionals to drive the right leads to you at the right time.

ActualTech Media’s themed MegaCast events have been proven to be a leading way by which business and technical decision makers educate themselves on technologies and and what’s available to them in the market. These multi-vendor virtual events offer viewers back-to-back presentations from 5 to 8 vendors that have a story to tell around the theme of the event. Vendor participants in MegaCasts are provided with a 20-minute speaking slot, as well as registration details for a minimum of 800 registrants. Every event is managed by ActualTech Media’s expert event logistics coordinator to help you understand exactly how the event works.

In addition, we are happy to have a content planning session with you so that you can discuss your intended topic and approach and we can provide advice and feedback so that you can maximize your success with these events. With these events, we define the general theme, host the registration page, and provide the presentation platform. After the event ends, we’ll provide you with a recording of your final presentation so that you can use can use it for other campaigns or add it to your resource library.

The EcoCast is a smaller version of our MegaCast event and provide a variety of both broad and somewhat focused themes. With 3 to 5 vendor participants and a minimum of 400 event registrations, EcoCasts are a perfect way to, in 20 minutes, tell a receptive audience about your product or service. These themed events are held at least monthly. We provide an expert event logistics coordinator and provide an advance content planning session with you to help you think through your topic. After your participation in an EcoCast event, we will provide you with all of the registration information for all people registered for the event. We will provide you with a recording of your final session to use as you like.

ActualTech Media launched the Virtual Summit series to fill a different kind of need. Whereas MegaCasts and EcoCasts do a fantastic job of telling stories around particular types of technologies, Virtual Summits tell stories that span the market and are of critical important to organizations, regardless of the kinds of technology they’re running. Previous Summits have revolved around the complex labyrinth that is Digital Transformation and the kinds of things that IT pros, IT decision makers, and business decision makers need to consider as they continually evolve their data center environments to embrace cloud technologies. Virtual Summits feature up to 11 leading technology companies from a cross-section of concentrations, including cloud computing, enterprise storage, converged and hyperconverged infrastructure, networking, security, data protection, disaster recovery, data, development/DevOps, and more.

With a schedule intended to expose the audience to a broad swath of information, the event will consist of presentations from each vendor presenter as well as keynotes from independent experts, each of whom will share their thoughts, opinions, guidance, and advice with our audience. During this event, each participating vendor will receive up to a 20-minute speaking slot followed by 5 minutes of Q&A from an audience that has proven time and again to be highly engaged. Participating vendors can also assign staff to answer audience questions in real-time throughout the event, in addition to the 5 minutes of live on-air Q&A. But make sure they can type very quickly! During our shorter events, we typically see more than 100 questions come in!

We know our clients are always eager to participate in broad, industry-centric thought leadership discussions. We’ve designed our PanelCast events to enable this participation. Each event starts with a 20- to 30-minute independent editorial from an ActualTech Media Expert after which that expert will moderate a virtual panel discussion with representatives from each of the clients participating in the event. Each PanelCast event guarantees a minimum of 200 registrations.

One thing IT pros are always clamoring for is more and better training. With our NEW Virtual Boot Camp series, ActualTech Media will provide the training that IT Pros need mixed with content from sponsors like you. Virtual Boot Camps are part of our broader effort to help educate our audience on everything they need to know in the increasing changing world in which they find themselves. These independent full-day events are conducted by recognized experts in their individual fields. Clients that would like to participate in these events will have a 20-minute speaking slot in between training modules. Each event guarantees a minimum of 500 registrations. And, as you know, we never charge extra when we overshoot our goal!

Discovery Week is a week that ActualTech Media sets aside to record video for clients participating in our Discovery Campaign service. Discovery Campaign is a unique combination of video, written content, social media outreach, and demand generation services undertaken by ActualTech Media to help our clients highlight their products and messaging. During Discovery Week, ActualTech Media invites you to one of our professional studios in the identified city where we’ll spend a half day with your team recording studio-quality videos which we’ll edit and then make available across a variety of platforms.

Prior to Discovery Week, ActualTech Media staff will host a series of content planning calls so that we can maximize the time you spend in our studio. The dates on this calendar are the weeks we’re setting aside for 2019 for planned Discovery Weeks. Of course, as demand dictates, we’ll add additional weeks.


In addition to the events on our event schedule, we’re happy to help you execute your next webinar. A standard ActualTech Media webinar is an event that is up to an hour long and carries with it a minimum commitment of 200 registrations. We provide a project manager, the platform, moderation services, and can even speak on the event as independent experts. We’ve performed dozens of highly successful webinars for a number of happy clients! If you have a webinar need, please contact us.


ActualTech Media routinely performs custom online events for our clients ranging from small gatherings to large expositions. For all events, we provide a project manager, the presentation platform, a moderator, and we can also supply a speaker for you. Whether you want an event that’s a small as a 30-minute platform demo to as large as a 4-hour extravaganza with a full agenda, we’re ready to lend a hand!