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ActualTech Media is Proud to Welcome vExpert James Green as a New Partner!

David M. Davis, Scott D. Lowe and Geordie Carswell, partners at ActualTech Media, are happy to announce the addition of vExpert James Green as a new partner.  With deep technical and architectural field expertise, James represents an exciting addition to ActualTech Media’s growing enterprise IT content creation business.


We’re thrilled to bring James’ expertise to bear on our new and existing clients’ technical content marketing campaigns. Read on to learn more about James in the following background and interview.


Welcome James!



James Green, vExpert


About James

James hails from Des Moines, Iowa. He has a beautiful wife and baby girl, and when he’s not writing, speaking, or consulting about technology, the family enjoys being involved at their local church, traveling to visit family in other states, and exploring Des Moines.


With an impressive list of professional accomplishments, James is well respected by industry and IT community leaders. He grew up tinkering with computers, and began a career in IT before completing high school. He attended Iowa State University and was a part of the Computer Science program.


Today, James has roughly a decade of experience as an IT administrator, architect, and consultant in a variety of organizations. He’s highly certified, and continues to purse professional certifications to increase his breadth and depth of knowledge.


James has also always been passionate about writing and speaking, and discussing the marriage of cutting-edge technology and business is one of his favorite activities.


You can also learn more about James on his new personal blog:



We asked James to share some insight on technology marketing, the evolution of the data center landscape and why he decided to join ActualTech Media.

Why did you decide to join ActualTech Media?


I’ve known Scott and David for a few years now, and finally got to meet Geordie this past summer. (Interestingly enough, a training course David created years ago is largely responsible for getting me in the position I’m in today!) They’re fantastic people, and their passion for what they do is contagious.


I’ve been watching ATM for the last year or so, and I am so excited about some of the products they’ve created. The MegaCast (and the upcoming new EcoCast) is a revolutionary, win-win event that has been an absolute hit. And the Gorilla Guide and Data Center Innovations Learning Series are going to be huge in the IT industry because of the way they address relevant industry topics in an easily consumable way.


Needless to say, I couldn’t be more excited to be coming on board to help drive the development and creation of these products and some new ones in 2016.

What challenges do you think most impact marketing departments in technology companies?


In my past life as both a customer and a reseller/integrator, there often seemed to be a disconnect between the marketing department and the engineering folks. The daunting challenge that an IT marketing department faces that an average marketing organization doesn’t face is that a mostly non-technical marketing team has to attempt to address a very technical audience.


Many companies today hire technical marketing specialists for just this purpose, and that works great. But the challenge with their role is establishing trust with their potential customer. Because of their perceived bias, people tend to be skeptical of their claims and technical justifications.

ATM is a trusted, objective voice with the technical prowess to address a technical audience, but the marketing savvy to help marketing departments reach their MBOs.

This is why I’m so excited about what ATM does, and where we fit in the market. We are a trusted, objective voice with the technical prowess to address a technical audience, but the marketing savvy to help marketing departments reach their MBOs. We also have reach and access to resources that are hard for internal marketing organizations to come by.

Where do you see major changes in the data center landscape in 2016?


There are a few major expectations I have for 2016:


I expect we will continue to see the generalization of IT personnel. By that, I mean that a single person will be proficient in more and more technologies. Where specialization used to be where the big bucks were, in 2016 more organizations will be looking for the guy or gal who can do it all. With IT budgets remaining mostly flat but demands on IT increasing, everyone has to be valuable.


I expect increased adoption in converged and hyperconverged platforms. Due to the aforementioned increased demands on IT, simplification of the infrastructure is key. (Hyper)convergence is the name of the game when it comes to simplicity, and I won’t be surprised if 2016 is the year when a lot of organizations that have been watching closely decide to finally do a pilot or tackle a new project with this architecture.


Lastly, I believe we’ll continue to see an uptick in acquisitions and mergers in the IT industry as a whole. We’re due for a bit of consolidation, and we’ve been seeing some of that recently with big deals like the Dell/EMC acquisition, and more recently with NetApp picking up SolidFire. It’s not just storage players, either. This can be a great thing for the industry as a whole – awesome technology and culture can breathe new life into a slower but bigger powerhouse.