ActualTech Media is proud to announce a brand new year for our exclusive MegaCast online event series. MegaCasts bring six top vendors together to create dynamic, highly-anticipated events that top data center professionals rely on when making technology evaluations and implementation
decisions. We’d love to have you present on our upcoming 2017 MegaCasts,, and this guide has been designed to help you find a fit on the MegaCast schedule, answer your questions and help you get a sense of the tangible value these events can provide to your content and demand generation plans. We’re looking forward to having you on board to present in 2017!


MegaCast Events Introduction

ActualTech Media has years of experience helping customers understand various complex technologies. The most consistent audience request we’ve had is for a simple platform to compare vendors, and better understand their different approaches to tech solutions. The MegaCast was designed to fulfill this customer need, and support participants in making an educated choice.

Whereas the typical webinar includes just one vendor solution, MegaCasts take a multivendor approach in order to introduce listeners to concepts as well as six top vendors in a certain space. MegaCasts simultaneously provide education, leads and awareness in the top data center technologies for 2017.

This is your opportunity to share your unique vision to a large audience primed to learn!

*All MegaCasts Give Vendors:

  • A high-visibility platform to familiarize viewers with your unique approach to the topic area
  • A large, highly engaged decision-making audience
  • A unique stage to announce new product advancements
  • Extraordinary social media engagement opportunities in the MegaCast event stream
  • The ability to disseminate your existing content assets to a new audience

*All MegaCast events feature:

  • Six dynamic vendor presenters
  • 25-minute presentation slots, including live demo capability
  • A guaranteed minimum audience size of at least 800 registrants
  • Content asset or trial offer link placement
  • Access to highly detailed audience polling results
  • Full event and individual presentation on-demand recordings

Whether you’re a hot startup looking to make your presence known, or an established market leader looking to expand your demand generation reach, MegaCasts are an essential piece of your marketing plan.

MegaCast Presentation Framework

The goal of an ActualTech Media MegaCast event is to positively educate viewers about a particular space in the technology market and introduce them to six major vendors in the space. Viewers will leave the event with a broad understanding of the breadth of the chosen topic and armed with information about the various options that are available to them.

Each slot in this event will be 30 minutes in length. Vendors will each have a strict 25-minute window for presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A and housekeeping between sessions. Housekeeping items will include the awarding of prizes at strategic intervals and a quick introduction for the next company. The individual presentation length has been appreciated by viewers as they feel that they are able to get sufficient information about presenters without the presentations being overly long.

The overall event will begin with a 15-minute introduction from ActualTech Media and will wrap up with five minutes of concluding comments and ‘next step’ reminders.


The ActualTech Media Audience

“The ActualTech Media audience is comprised of sophisticated IT professionals with diverse specialties in the data center, including architects and senior administrators, but also senior IT managers, CTOs and CIOs.  These are the people who make or heavily influence the purchase and deployment of new technologies.”

Scott D. Lowe
CEO / ActualTech Media

Company Size


Audience Geography


MegaCast Participation Highlights in 2016

Presenter FAQ

Q. As a participating vendor, what kind of results can I expect from this event?

We expect a very high level of interest in this year’s topics. Here’s why:

  • The previous MegaCast events have all netted a minimum of 800 total registrants with some well beyond that.
  • MegaCasts have tremendous attendance and engagement rates throughout the event: users attend and they stay to hear each perspective.
  • ActualTech Media has never missed a lead commitment. In fact, we’ve over performed on every single event we’ve hosted.
  • The community and audience has continued to express their desire for additional MegaCasts, and the topics chosen consistently draw large audiences to other ActualTech Media events. The combination of this presentation medium is a guaranteed hit.

For each MegaCast, we are committing to a minimum of 800 total registrations, however we expect to go beyond that number given the topic interest levels and the reach of our aggressive promotion strategy.

Q. Three hours is a long time, how does ActualTech Media intend to hold viewer attention for more than three hours?

Three hours is a long event run time, however we’ve discovered that through a careful use of interactive presentation elements and high-value prizes placed strategically throughout the entire event, we maximize audience attention and participation. The following is some additional detail on our attention and engagement strategy:

  • Interactive polling.  We’ve observed that engaging poll questions sprinkled throughout a webinar have a noticeable positive impact on audience attention and engagement while, at the same time, providing useful information to the audience and to vendors. For each session, ActualTech Media will regularly intersperse polling engagement points, that will be asked of the attendees.
  • High-Value Prizes. To make sure attendees stay until the end of each presentation, at the end of each session, we will be giving away high- value interval prizes such as $500 Amazon gift cards. To maximize engagement, the attendee must have answered all three polling questions during that 1⁄2 hour period in order to qualify for the prize. To ensure attendance through to the end of the entire event, we will also be awarding five or more larger grand prizes in the middle and at the end of the MegaCast. Total prize value is over $10,000 for the entire event. Note: Since some organizations do not allow their employees to win prizes, we will be offering the winners the option of a prize or the option of making a monetary donation in their name to one of a set of pre-selected charities.
Q. Does ActualTech Media leverage social media channels for these events?

Yes. In fact, social media is an important part of the event’s structure and is designed to further promote the topic, while highlighting individual vendors participating in the MegaCast. ActualTech Media may incentivize participation on Twitter and LinkedIn through the use of an event specific hashtag (for example: #dpmegacast). We may choose one prize winner at random from the Twitter users who use the hashtag during the event. To amplify your messaging, “Tweetable” quotes from vendor presentations will be recommended live for viewers to incorporate into their tweets or use verbatim. The more that people participate on Twitter, the more chances they have to win.

Q. How does ActualTech Media handle leads generated by this event?

We commit to a minimum of 800 registrations for each MegaCast event, but we expect to see interest even beyond that. All ActualTech Media-driven registration leads will be made available to all vendor participants.

*Vendors will receive their initial lead report with 24 hours of the end of the event, and their recording of a) the entire event, and b) just their presentation, within 7 days of the event.

Q. Am I allowed to directly compare my company to my competitors? Will my competitors attack my company during their presentations?

The MegaCast is best received by viewers if a positive tone is maintained throughout the event. To ensure viewers have that experience, to avoid turning them off as viewers and to provide a fair playing field for you as a vendor, the primary directive in these events is to focus on your company and not on your competitors during the event. The MegaCast is not intended for individual vendors to negatively compare themselves with other vendors in the market. You are urged to keep a laser focus on your offerings in order to demonstrate to viewers the value of your product and of the chosen space in general.

Q. What will happen if I decide to start saying horrible things about my competition or another vendor is ‘going negative’ on my company?

In the event that a vendor participant begins to “go negative” on competitors, the MegaCast moderator (David Davis or Scott Lowe) will gently remind the presenter to get back on track. If the behavior continues, the presenter will be muted and the remainder of that vendor’s time will be forfeited. Further, that vendor will receive leads only for those participants that specifically indicate interest in that company; no other leads will be provided (presentation fees are not refundable).

Q. How does my company choose which presentation slot it gets?

There are six vendor slots (occasionally more, depending on the individual topic popularity) available for each event. The slot selection is based on the order in which commitments are made to the event. Those making commitments first will get first choice of time slots.

Q. When do we need to let you know we’d like to present on a MegaCast?

The cut-off for registering as a presenting vendor is typically a minimum of two weeks prior to the event date, but remember that these are first-come, first-served events. All of our MegaCast events to- date have been sold out, so reserve your space early!