Introducing the EcoCast From Actualtech media

The ActualTech Media EcoCast virtual event is intended to fill the space between a traditional single vendor webinar and our six-vendor MegaCasts. With three vendor participants the EcoCast provides the audience with a solution view that goes more in-depth than is possible with the MegaCast.

How Does an EcoCast Work?

EcoCasts can be thought of as a smaller, three-vendor version of our MegaCast series.  Presentation slots are longer at 35 minutes vs. 25 minutes allowing for more in-depth demos and discussions, the pricing to present is somewhat lower, and the minimum registrant guarantee is 400 vs. the 800 included with a MegaCast.  The intent of the EcoCast is to bring together three innovative vendors that are doing interesting things in the EcoCast topic area.

*All EcoCasts Give Vendors:

  • An opportunity to go deeper in illustrating how your solution works and how it’s different from other approaches in the market
  • Far-reaching social media engagement opportunities in the EcoCast event stream
  • A platform with time to handle detailed Q&A with an influential live audience

*All EcoCast events feature:

  • 30-minute deep-dive presentation slots, including live demo capability followed by 5 minutes of Q&A
  • A guaranteed minimum of at least 400 registrants
  • Content asset or trial offer link placement
  • Access to highly detailed audience polling results
  • Full event and individual presentation on-demand recordings

Whether you’re a hot startup looking to make your presence known, or an established market leader looking to expand your reach, EcoCasts are a consistently bankable option for generating demand with an audience keenly interested in a deeper view of your solution.

What Are Some of the 2017 EcoCast Topic Areas?

This year’s EcoCast lineup was exclusively designed around topics requested by our audience at ActualTech Media.  These topics are top of mind with attendees to our recent events, and we’re excited to gather together the best-of-breed companies to present their unique approach to these emerging areas!

Mar 1st: Flash Storage

Mar 8th: Enterprise Cloud

 Apr 12th: Converged & Hyperconverged Infrastructure

 Apr 19th: Big Data, Business Intelligence & Analytics

May 10th: Enterprise Security

Jun 7th: Monitoring & Performance

Jul 12th: VDI & End User Computing

 Aug 9th: Enterprise Storage

 Sep 13th: Data Protection

 Oct 4th: Flash Storage

 Nov 1st: Mobility

 Nov 29th: Converged & Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Whether you’re a hot startup looking to make your presence known, or an established market leader looking to expand your reach, EcoCasts are a consistently bankable option for generating demand with an audience keenly interested in a deeper view of your solution.

What is the Audience Makeup For an EcoCast?

EcoCast events are attended by the top decision makers and influencers in a broad cross section of company sizes.  Typical attendees are engineers and architects, higher-level IT administrators and managers.  C-Level executives round out the typical audience profile.

Geographically, the lion’s share of the EcoCast audience is USA-based, followed by a mix of EMEA and APAC attendees.  EcoCast attendees are also highly engaged on social media during the events, and our in-event social media engagement strategies help bring additional reach to the content of your presentation.

The ActualTech Media Audience

“The ActualTech Media audience is comprised of sophisticated IT professionals with diverse specialties in the data center, including architects and senior administrators, but also senior IT managers, CTOs and CIOs.  These are the people who make or heavily influence the purchase and deployment of new technologies.”

Scott D. Lowe
CEO / ActualTech Media

Company Size


Audience Geography


Presenter FAQ

Q. What is the vendor presentation format?

Each slot in this event will be 35 minutes in total length with each vendor having a strict 30-minute window for presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A and housekeeping between sessions.  Housekeeping items will include the awarding of prizes at strategic intervals and a quick introduction for the next company.  The overall event will begin with a 10-minute introduction from ActualTech Media and will wrap up with five minutes of concluding comments and ‘next step’ reminders.

Q. Does ActualTech Media leverage social media channels for these events?

Yes.  In fact, social media is an important part of the event’s structure and is designed to further promote the topic and also highlight individual vendors participating in the EcoCast.  ActualTech Media incentivizes participation on Twitter and LinkedIn through use of a unique hashtag for the event.  We will choose one prize winner at random from the Twitter users who uses the hashtag during the event.  To amplify your messaging, “Tweetable” quotes from vendor presentations will be recommended live for viewers to incorporate into their tweets or use verbatim. The more that people participate on Twitter, the more chances they have to win.

Q. How does ActualTech Media intend to handle demand-gen reporting for these events?

We commit to a minimum of 400 registrations for this event, but we expect to see interest even beyond that, particularly with this year’s topic lineup.  All registration reporting is made available to all vendor participants.

Vendors will receive their initial registration report with 24 hours of the end of the event.

Q. How does my company choose which presentation slot it gets?

There are three vendor slots available for each EcoCast.  The slot selection is based on the order in which commitments are made to the event.  Those making commitments first will get first choice of time slots.

Q. When do we need to let you know we’d like to present on a EcoCast?

The cut-off for registering as a presenting vendor is two weeks prior to the event date, but remember that this is a first-come, first-served event.