According to ActualTech Media’s 2017 Audience Survey, 61% of the IT professionals that comprise the ActualTech Media audience wear more than one hat in their organization. From managing the network to figuring out the cloud to managing backups to everything in between, today’s IT pros and decision makers are busier than ever before. Unfortunately, with growing workloads and shrinking budgets, it’s incredibly difficult for the typical IT pro and decision maker to stay current with understanding what’s changing, let alone driving change through their own organizations.

We’re here to help! On June 14, 2017, ActualTech Media will host its first Enterprise IT Virtual Summit. This six-hour event will feature a multitude of educational presentations from both the vendor community as well as from independent expert speakers.

Our inaugural Summit will include 11 leading technology companies from a cross section of concentrations, including cloud computing, enterprise storage, converged and hyperconverged infrastructure, security, data protection, disaster recovery and more. With a schedule intended to expose the audience to a broad swath of information, the event will consist of presentations from each vendor presenter as well as three independent experts, each of whom will share their thoughts, opinions, guidance, and advice with our audience.

During this event, each participating vendor will receive a 20-minute speaking slot (marquee presenter will be provided with a 30-minute slot). A full Q&A panel will also be in place, enabling participating vendors to assign staff to answer audience questions in real-time. But make sure they can type very quickly! During our MegaCast events, we typically see over a hundred questions come in! The audience is impressively engaged during our events.

For this event, ActualTech Media intends to drive a minimum of 1,500 registrations, making the Virtual Summit a must-attend event for both our audience as well as for our clients.


Our 2017 Virtual Summit will take place on June 14, 2017.

Only 11 presenter slots are available!

Every vendor participant receives the following:

  • A minimum of 1,500 leads, with no additional charges for overages
  • Featured presenter placement and listing
  • A 20-minute speaking slot (30 minutes for Marquee participant)

The Marquee presenter will receive the same benefits, plus mentions at each prize giveaway and independent speaker introduction. The Marquee presenter also gets the first vendor participant speaking slot in the event.

The downloadable prospectus available here tells you what you need to know as a potential presenter. Of course, we’re also here to personally answer any questions you may have. We’re looking forward to having you on board!


Q. How many vendors will be participating in this event?

Only 11 vendor presenter slots and placements are available for this event.

Q. What participation levels are you offering for this event?

We’re keeping it simple! With only one exception, all our participation slots are the same. The only exception is what we’re calling a Marquee participating slot, which provides a few extra benefits that are described above.

Q. Why are you doing this? Why not just do more MegaCasts?

We are doing a lot of MegaCasts this year! However, our audience has indicated a need and a desire for even broader educational content. As such, we are adding the Online Summit to our list of annual events. Moreover, our clients have continually asked for high lead count events, so we’re adding the Summit in 2017 to satisfy that client request. The Summit will also feature compelling external third party, independent speakers that will add more variety to the discussion and will be an additional audience draw.

Q. Is this a virtual tradeshow?

No. The Online Summit is a long-form virtual event during which presentations will take place serially, ensuring that the audience doesn’t lose focus.

Q. Will you have different tracks?

We will have a variety of technology verticals represented during the event, but we will not be asking the audience to choose a single track in which to participate. All of the presentations will be presented back-to-back, with a short break each hour.

Q. How many people will be attending?

ActualTech Media is committing to a minimum of 1,500 registrants for this event. Any registrations over and above 1,500 will be provided to you at no additional charge.

Q. How will Q&A be handled?

Each vendor participant will be able to do Q&A via the On24 console live during the event. Time permitting, we will also take questions on the air.

Q. Will I really see results from the leads I get from the Virtual Summit?

If you perform a great presentation that is memorable, then we believe you can be tremendously successful! While our audience is here to learn—as they are for all events—they are also attending to get a look at actual solutions that they can try out for themselves. With our MegaCast events, we regularly receive vendor feedback that the events perform very well. And, to help you create a great presentation that the audience will rave about, ActualTech Media is happy to work with your team ahead of time to provide tips and guidance.

Q: Will people really stick around for a six-hour event?

They will. Our MegaCast events approach four hours and people stay for those right to the end. The big difference with the Summit is that we will be providing a five minute break each hour so that audience members can break away for a short period if necessary without missing any content. We believe that will help to maintain overall attendance.

As we do with MegaCasts, we will be giving away great prizes throughout the event as well. In order to win, the prize recipient must attend the event.

Q: How will you coordinate the schedules for so many people?

We know that getting 11 vendor participants on the same page and available at the same time will be very difficult. With that in mind, we will be prerecording all vendor participant sessions. This will allow you far more flexibility than would otherwise be possible.

Q: When do we need to let you know about participation?

ASAP! Like our MegaCast events, we expect this event to sell out pretty quickly. We are sending this invitation and FAQ out to all potential vendor participants simultaneously to make the process fair. The Marquee presenter slot will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Once we have commitments from all eleven vendor participants, we will not be able to accept additional participants.

Q: What should I do next if I want to participate?

We’re happy you’re ready to come on board! Get in touch with Scott Lowe or Maria Plasterer to request availability:

scott at actualtechmedia.com or maria at actualtechmedia.com or call us direct at 1-888-741-7900

For more about ActualTech Media, including company info, audience demographics and more visit www.actualtechmedia.com/audience


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